Doube Dare Ya Plant Challange- March-Chaga Tea..

Sign up for the Double Dare Ya Weed Challange, its so simple, and for all your gardeners ad cooks, you should love this one! for the rest of us, o boy are we all going to get to ideally learn something new!!

Starting in spring in your area once a month, I want you to find something growing in your yard, flowerbed, lawn, ditch or garden or park that you “think is a weed or non-useful” be it tiny plants, big plants, bushes or tree’s! and I want you to research it, report on its extra uses, (get creative here girls, can it be used as a color dye, can it be used to make cordage, can you use it for medical, herbal, compost, in a salve) and then pick on thing that can be done with it, and do and report back with a link to your site and or put it all in the comment section and I will put it up on this blog for you.

Lets go with the end of the month but I am not going to put a set date, sometimes in the last week of the month is the time to share your Double Dare You Weed Challange..

Share the love, put the challange up on your site now, and our first offical month is march, its going to start with a bang depending where you live.. put your thinking caps on girls and guys, there are things out there that can be used even in march!

I can’t wait to see all the creative things you folks are going to come up with!? So who’s up to it with me.. if we get enough folks interested in the challange, I will make a matching facebook page for the plant challange folks!

March’s Plant Challange is Chaga!


Photo Credit on this comes from Wikipeda

Chaga is a growth (its a type of fungal but its not a mushroom in the normal sense) It can be found locally in most of canada if you are living somewhere where you can find birch, you more likely to find them, they are ideally taken off, Ground into a powder for storage and used for making tea’s for drinking..

Have you ever found or used Chaga? If so, what is your favorite proportions, I find it goes down best as a sweeten with honey shot, not a sipping tea..

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8 Responses to Doube Dare Ya Plant Challange- March-Chaga Tea..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    WOW FG, this sounds really awesome; I’m going to go have a look around, see if I can find some, once the snow’s gone down by the creek: )

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