Fall Forest Hiking

p1080685If you have been reading for awhile or at least this year, you know that I have been camping more, taking bush type trips more and we got out for a nice hike this past weekend, I am busy enough on the farm that I am not getting away for overnights at this point.


The colors around here are just! starting to change, hints in this and that tree that is open to the edge of the main roads but back into the bush where the tree’s are creating a micro-climate not so much.. but the ferns tell a different story

Its was one of those amazing fall days, warm but cool and it smelled like fall. crispness in the air somehow.. and the mushrooms have been loving the rains.. so many to choose from..



Then there was this bad boy just hanging out.. in real life his colors and patterns were so stunning, but despite being sweet enough to let me take a few photos in different formats, this one does not do it justice but its what I have


And then was a couple lovely looking Chaga’s but to high up for me to get at them


and then this wonderful Grandfather tree that just had to be taken in black and white..  No matter how busy things are, or how much you need to do in the gardens or the kitchen or just life..

It was a wear orange kinda day and I was very unhappy to see someone working in the  forest with a drone in a non- machine area. Never seen that before.. but the land itself was just what I needed.


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