Unprocessed Food Costs -Week One

Oct 1st

  • Breakfast Apple – .50 cents plus tea an honey – total cost 75 cents (me) Hubby Apple Cake Slice and tea.. 1 dollar.
  • lunch  Half a 4 pound chicken, with a green salad 2 pound roasted chicken at 5 per pound, salad 2.00 total 12 dollars
  • Snack Green Grapes -4.32
  • Supper – Pork Chops, pineapple and green beans
  • Now that pork need to be 6 dollars per pound, pineapple (2 for 5 sale) but regular 3.99, honey. 40 cents worth, 5 cents molasses, 3.99 bag of fresh green beans and 30 cents of butter..
  • Dessert 3.99 fresh raspberries (but harvested from our raspberry patch)

Total Cost if bought at organic (pork soy free) meats, fresh veggies and raw honey and fresh fruits

Total Cost for the day if all bought- 38.08 Averaging 6.34 cents per meal and two snacks

Farmgal Total cost for the day-17.75 Averaging 2.96 per meal and two snacks

Farmgal savings : 20.33


2010-04-18 2010-04-19 001 002 (450x338)

Oct 2nd

Breakfast -Orange 29 cents, tea and honey .50 cents, hubby also had the last piece of the apple spice cake 1.00 plus tea for a .25 cents

Lunch- 4 potato’s -Large organic heritage type 1.00 1 apple .75 cents  1 large carrot- .30 cents  1 tsp of lard- .40 cents an herbs 05 cents.

Supper- Mashed potato’s 1.50 and butter .50  half a roasted chicken 2 pounds -10 and Basic Green salad with mushroom and carrot with a little bit of dill dressing. 2.99 (going for the most basic salad in a bag) and 3 tbsp. dressing .40 cents

Snack 3.99 worth of rasberies

Total 23.94  total average of 3.99 per meal

Farmgal* total -8.90 Average of 1.48 per meal

  • Potato from the farm, chicken from the farm, apple from a friends apple tree, some but not all greens from the farm as well as fresh rasberries from the fall patch.

Farmgal’s Savings 15.04

its odd to think of a week one as two days but as I want to do this on weekends.. that’s how it worked out.. I am running Monday to sunday for the overviews

I can say this, I think that its going to be worth figuring this out, I know that I took it for granted that we can and do eat so many things off the farm, and we are so used to costing it out at the raising price that other then the odd time that we go.. huh.. that’s a 22 dollar rabbit in the stores it tends to slip to the side

thanks to the two folks that commented one the first post..

Wow that is incredible and just solidifies wanting a farm where i too could raise my own meat. If i had to guess you are at an 87% savings on the farm. Although you are so awesome, im sure you are going to blow that out of the water. Monthly i guess around 575 for food with you 2

I am not sure that I will make that kind of savings but I do think it will be over 50% but we will see if I am right as the garden is coming in an its fall.. I normally budget in 200 a month for off farm shopping for the household an extra food, including the food box but at least a few months a year I drop that to 50 a month or per pay day, we will see

I don’t calculate anything as detailed as you – but the odd time I wander into a grocery store I am shocked at the price of food – in particular, meat, produce and dairy. I’m not clear on how a family can afford to eat healthy these days. My ultimate goal, is to spend near next to nothing at a grocery store. After twelve years, I’m settled in at between 100 and 150 a month, and most of that is on sundries (toilet paper, toothpaste, dish soap, shampoo, ziploc bags, oh yes – coffee, etc). One of our ‘rules’ is that if we’re out of something (say chicken) then we simply don’t eat chicken until we raise more.
Of course that wouldn’t work for everybody. 😊

great rule and one that I have been known to use as well, and yes I am shocked all the time in regards to the costs in the stores.. they say that it will cost a family of 4 about 1200 a month to eat healthy.. that is a lot of money..




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2 Responses to Unprocessed Food Costs -Week One

  1. valbjerke says:

    I read an article on my news feed the other day that put the monthly cost of food at around 1200 a month as well. I’m curious as to how that is calculated. Just off the top of my head – a customer where I work (with a teenage son), says he spends approx 1600 a month (he also works two jobs), and our service writer and her husband (no kids at home) figure they spend about 1400 – 1600. That does not include eating out. I think I’ll ask some more people where I work – I’m wondering if BC is more expensive for food than other provinces.

    • I would be interested, I know a lot of folks that spend 1000 to 1500 a month, they are all families, not singles or couples, and they are the type to have “what would be considered very good food diets” I might not agree with the stuff they send for lunches and snacks with the kids to school or the breakfast choices but I will agree that suppers, and weekend meals tend to be well within the Canadian food guidelines.

      They spend a lot of money on things I personally do not consider food but its certainly within what is considered normal for the general population.. I know that my friends and family in the north spend a lot more.. and I also know some friends that all their meat comes hunting and eggs from their chickens and they still average 200 a week just for rest.. at 800 a month for the rest..

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