October Unprocessed- Overview

Well, it’s here!

And I drove past the tim’s three times today on my way to the vets to pick up the cats and no coffee for me.. LOL

Breakfast was simple, a nice locally produced apple called a silken


Originally tested as (8S-04-33). Parentage is Honeygold X Sunrise from the breeding program at the Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre – Summerland B.C. It is an early fall selection that was noted for its unique white gold porcelain colour and for its outstanding texture and flavour. It is a multiple-pick apple usually harvested over two weeks just ahead of and into the McIntosh season. The fruit hangs well in the canopy and maintains its fresh quality characteristics over a period of 2 – 3 weeks.

Fruit is medium in size and rated very high in appearance and flavour tests. The skin colour is cream having a translucent appearance like white porcelain with a bright lustre. Occasionally a slight pink blush is present but no stripes. Stem-bowl russetting is characteristic but does not extend over the shoulder. Lenticels are inconspicuous. It is firm, crisp and juicy. It is high in aromatic intensity and sweetness and moderate in acidity. It has a short storage life, about 8 weeks in air storage (0°C) and is best suited for direct sales.

I bought a lovely quarter bushel of them.. so good, down to my last three now..

Lunch was a green salad with herbed oven roasted  chicken

The challenge of the day.. 0 mile approved unprocessed mayo.. more on that soon enough!

I did a weight check in this morning and will update at the end of the month on if I was successful at taking a bit off!

Cost breakdown : This is an interesting plan, I decided that I would track costs for this month, now many things will come from the farm but they will be tracked out their replacement value, not what at what it costs to raise them. but I will run it side by side, I want to see both the full costs and the savings..

Just as an example, last nights supper all meals will be the whole amount, I will do the per person or portion  cost out at the end

  • Six boneless pork chops
  • one pineapple
  • 2 tbsp. honey
  • 1 tsp of molasses
  • four cups of green beans
  • 1 tsp of butter

Now that pork need to be 6 dollars per pound, pineapple (2 for 5 sale) but regular 3.99, honey. 40 cents worth, 5 cents molasses, 3.99 bag of fresh green beans and 30 cents of butter..

Total 16.74 for a total of 8.37 cents per serving

wow.. now lets farmgal it..

my pork costs me 2.12 a pound to raise and I butchered (which hugely reduced costs) pineapple 2 for 5 so 2.50 and the beans were from farm, from saved seed going with 25 cents for ease. plus honey, molasses an butter same as above

Total 6.68 for a total of 3.34 per serving

Farm saving on that meal 10.06

That’s crazy, wow.. those number are wild to me.. part of me REALLY wants to do this compared to the cheapest way but that’s not fair to my quality of food.. but for fun sake

lets see what we can do on the cheap side

Pork tenderloin bought on sale and self-sliced at 2 dollars a pound, can of pineapple on sale at a dollar, and two can’s of green beans both gotten on sale.

pork 3, can good pineapple 1 dollar, green beans .77 cents a can and the rest the same at full meal at 6.29 for 3.14 per meal

Now of course if you where being frugal, you would have made rice, and lowered the amount of pork per serving and added a onion and only used one can of green beans, dropping it into the dollar per serving range

I can see that its going to eye opening an startling to me on how much we would need to spend to eat as good of quality of food if we bought it compared to the farm..

So want to take a guess? how much would our monthly bill be if we had to buy it all? how much will the farm save us percentage wise?




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3 Responses to October Unprocessed- Overview

  1. Laura says:

    Wow that is incredible and just solidifies wanting a farm where i too could raisemy own meat. If i had to guess you are at an 87% savings on the farm. Although you are so awesome, im sure you are going to blow that out of the water. Monthly i guess around 575 for food with you 2.

  2. valbjerke says:

    I don’t calculate anything as detailed as you – but the odd time I wander into a grocery store I am shocked at the price of food – in particular, meat, produce and dairy. I’m not clear on how a family can afford to eat healthy these days. My ultimate goal, is to spend near next to nothing at a grocery store. After twelve years, I’m settled in at between 100 and 150 a month, and most of that is on sundries (toilet paper, toothpaste, dish soap, shampoo, ziploc bags, oh yes – coffee, etc). One of our ‘rules’ is that if we’re out of something (say chicken) then we simply don’t eat chicken until we raise more.
    Of course that wouldn’t work for everybody. 😊

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