Hair Curlers- The no fuss, no heat way!

So this is a switch in topics (nothing new on this blog right) now way back when I started the blog, I had very short hair.. now its changed colors lots in between but its also grown so much! Ah, the wash it, let it dry and run your finger though it,  my favorite cut for working! light weight, easy and you can wash it out in a sink, dry with a paper towel and go.. in my younger years to have easy kept hair was a MUST! After all, I have so many more things to spend my time and energy on..


As I got older, I decided to grow it out.. So as it grew, for a Christmas gift from my dad, I got the most awesome hot steam curlers.. love them!  Yes, there are going to be away to many hair photos in this post.. LOL


If you have medium hair, they will add great body and a nice gentle wave, but I found as my hair got longer, that the weight of it pulled the curls out and down..  I still like my steam curlers if I want a curly up-do.. put them in, curl.. and then do the fancy up parts and it looks fab but it was no longer cutting it for “curls” The above photo does have a finishing hair spray to it, otherwise, nothing else..

You see when I wash my hair let it air dry and then brush it.. this is what I get, pretty yes, and I do like it..  13995411_940050772788302_12571523254163084_onothing else in this.. just plain old hair.. but I wanted to find a way to get curly hair again..

Which has lead me to a new way to get wavy or curly hair..  now I was raised with curlers.. and I hate them.. honestly I have put these into  my mom’s hair and had it done to mine for years.. never ever liked them!


Then I found these! WHOOT..  you take a bigger (looser waves) or a smaller (tighter curls) you take clean just slightly damp hair and you just start twisting it around and around until its ready to start curling in on itself and then you do just that.. make it into a little ball, you can put a pin though it for daytime curling or you can put a soft band around if for easy night sleeping. you can move these around your head for whatever works best for you day work or your night sleeping. and you leave them in till its dry.


Then you just undo them and shake your hair with your fingers and DONE! Love it.. it lasts me all day, it gets softer and looser over the day that is true and for a event, I might put a bit of hairspray to help it hold in place but I am good without it. It reminds me of the soft body waves we put in the 90’s but without any chemicals, so easy to do..

Now maybe you already knew how to make and use Bantu no heat easy curls but I did not, so I figured why not share 🙂

This was the video I watched to learn how, so  while there might be better ones out there, this got the job done for me.. and I am sharing it for the fact that it just works so well! plus I am showing the big loose curls and she is showing the tighter more curly version

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2 Responses to Hair Curlers- The no fuss, no heat way!

  1. sagegreenforest says:

    You are beautiful , I like all the different ways you wear your hair. my hair is long and droopy looking with some graying. I need a new look! Have a great day.

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