What a Storm.. that Lightning was amazing!

First let me say, I am sorry for those that this storm did damage to, I understand that there was two tornado’s, tree’s brought down and property heavily damaged and I can imagine that with that many lightning strikes there were new fires started as well, although with the rain, that had to have helped with some of the current fires.

To say that we were checking radar thoughout the day would be a understatement, and it was touch and go for a while on if it would hit us full on or pass us by, turns out it did both in a way, we where right in the middle of it and at the same time, two major cells passed on either side of us, this meant that we got the best possable outcome..

An hour of full steady pouring rain, followed up by five hours of steady soaking in rain, barrels filled and where moved to other jugs, buckets, and totes and filled again, the ground saoked it in, raither then it all running off.

We missed the heavy winds, the hail, and even the thunder and lightning never really got that close, never more then a three second count between the strikes.

Having said that, O my god the lightning, it was crazy, I can only remember one time in my childhood watching a lightening storm from a distance and it seemed like a nature’s fireworks show, or so my memory says but this, this was far to close and I am adult enough to understand the power of those bolts now..

I started counting between strikes, the farm had lightning coming on the left, behind and right for over an hour plus, and the strikes were coming so fast, that I could hardly get to five before another one came and sometimes they came in different parts of the sky less then one or two seconds apart, I tried to figure out the math on this and that works out to between 300 to 400 strikes in that hour alone, and we had lightning steady for around three hours, that’s just crazy!

The slew is wet, and a few low spots are holding water  and the pond has a wet bottom but already by this morning, its all soaking in, they say we are going to have 3 days of heat and then possable rain for two more days, if that happens, we will see some major progress in the garden for sure.

Did you get hit by this storm? if so, did you come though ok? Have you ever seen lightning like that, that has lasted for a long time?

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5 Responses to What a Storm.. that Lightning was amazing!

  1. K.B. says:

    For the last two days, we’ve had the high winds, the thunder and the lightning – but next to no rain. Not even enough to register in the rain gauge. I’m sorry there was damage, but I’m sure the farmers here would even welcome that if it also brought rain!

    I didn’t really notice the lightning, but living this close to Lake Erie means the thunder almost echos across the lake and back – it’s neat to hear!

  2. oceannah says:

    I love the lightning shows too!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    The lightning really was something else over here, it crackled, it boomed, it EXPLODED! And woke me at 5 am to let me know he was thunderin’ and such. Mother nature has an odd way of destructive beauty, sorry to those who witnessed the destructive part more so then the beauty.

    -Carlos Hernandez

  4. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Rained off and on (more off than on): for about three hours… But too hard – hard enough so we’ll need to regrade the laneway, and not long enough to do much good when it’s this dry. Looks like they’re predicting rain for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Sure hope it’s a long, slow soaker this time and not just more get-your-hopes-up-again “possibility of showers…” (or, even worse, another runoff causing drownpour):

  5. grammomsblog says:

    I was away in BC but my kids told me that it was a wicked storm and the power kept flickering off and on. Now that I’m back, I checked all around for any damage = some crops blown over and the dock is now sideways in the river barely holding on! BUT we needed the rain!!

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