What a great idea-Trash in exchange for healthy food..

What a awesome idea, it helps of course that they live in a area that can grow fresh local food pretty much year round but none the less, I love this idea and I respect where they are coming from in the article and I do understand that they are being PC, but they forgot to say one very important fact, and that is that folks that are in need, would be able to use this program to get fresh food with just a little extra work..

I think that is part of what I really like, they are getting food in exchange but they have to be willing to a) collect the can’s or bottles b) prepare the fresh food.

I would love to see a program like this in canada, anyone aware of any??


This came from “http://www.treehugger.com/culture/brazilian-city-trades-vegetables-recycling.html

In many urban centers throughout the world, vibrant waste recycling programs aren’t just eco-minded niceties, they serve an essential role in keeping communities clean and clutter-free. But thanks to one forward-thinking initiative in the Brazilian city of Jundiaí, trading in trash has never been tastier.

Ten years ago, the city’s Municipal Utilities department launched “Delicious Recycling“, a program aimed at encouraging residents to get into the habit of collecting recyclable waste in exchange for fresh vegetables, grown locally in a public-run garden — and boy did it take off. Today, the garden boasts more than 30 thousand plants to meet the demand of thousands of veggie-loving recyclers, turning aluminum cans and plastic bottles into edible greens.

Ultimately, the program has done wonders for the health of the environment as well, by ridding the city of improperly disposed waste.

“What once cluttered and even choked the flow of water from storm drains is today used as currency for healthy food,” local mayor Miguel Haddad tells Jundiaí Online. “Everybody wins with this.”

As innovative as Jundiaí’s “Delicous Recycling” may seem, it’s actually not the first of its kind, but given the program’s success, it’s no wonder why. Though a number of other Brazilian municipalities offer similar incentives to reward recyclers with food, the idea seems to be catching internationally — like in Mexico City, where residents recently exchanged trash for nearly three tons of vegetables!

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One Response to What a great idea-Trash in exchange for healthy food..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    What an excellent idea! And I agree with you – that it would be a great way for people with virtually nothing to be able to learn how to be self-sufficient – the old “teach a man to fish…” necessary skills for a lifetime, right?

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