Pickled Radish in Soy Sauce

As my regular readers know I have a crazy amount of books in my house, and one of the books my mom sent me last year was the joy of Pickling by linda ziedrich, if you like pickles of all kinds, then this is a very interesting book to pick up, it has 250 recipes and while it does cover the basic’s it takes food and ways to pickle that are just different for me..

So when I sat looking at a bunch of big Daikon radish intermixed with easter egg radishes that are so hot from the heat, they darn near make your eyes water, I was unsure how to use them, I had been served dishes in finland with hot cooked radish mixed in as part of the veggies palate, and so I took the super hot easter egg ones and sliced and diced them into a lovely veggies mix, they replaced the heat you would get from onion in the dish while adding some great color and texture.. this was a two thumbs up and would do it again for sure..

Which left me with the Daikon radish’s, they are not bad raw, and I do like a bit of them peeled and grated raw added to cabbage salad but just has to many ready all at once, so I thought I would see if there was any chance that any of my preserving books might have idea’s on how to use this “new” to me radish..

Bingo in the Joy of Pickling.. when the recipe calls for two things, is it even a recipe 🙂 Well it is in my books when it takes two things, melds them and turns out something that is so different!

1 pd of Daikon radish
1/2 cup of light japanese soy sauce ( has it happens at the asian store, they had a sale of soy sauce in 1 liter jugs for 1 each, and I got one to make sure we liked it and then went back for six more as it was good for a long time)

1 pint jar..

Cut the diakon into 1/4 inch rounds or half round depending on the size to start with, pour your sauce over and shake and put in fridge, she said, I could use them within 24 hours but I felt they needed at least 48 hours to really come into their own, the radish will give out water and mix with the sauce, mine just! barely covered the radishes, I expect that might be due to the fact that my radishes are in heat and not quite as juicy as they could be.. keeps up to one week in the fridge..

Now I like them as a side pickle, I also chopped up and used in a salad but I also poured a mess of them into a lamb stirfry and thought it went very well with the meat and the mess of other veggies, giving different flavours and textures to the stirfry, if I was eating rice right now, I would love to dice some of them up along with a few other things into a rice dish..

So what is your favorite way to use up “hot” or a overload of radishes coming in from the garden?

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3 Responses to Pickled Radish in Soy Sauce

  1. queen of string says:

    This sounds lovely. I am in the process of setting up a “food swap” event for my local area, and I think this would make a popular swap item, so I might try it!

  2. oceannah says:

    Sounds pretty tasty!!

  3. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Love using them to punch up my potato salad: )

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