Homemade Herbed Pork Ravioli in a butter sauce..

Flour, a bit of olive oil, lots of mixed dried herbs, two duck yolks and a touch of cold water.. Mix, and work into a dough.. allow to rest before rolling it out.. Split the dough into two, roll your top first and you want it about 15 percent bigger then your bottom roll out, so when you split it, make one just a bit bigger for the top.. use your flour to keep it all from sticking and roll out and then lift and move over your top to rest, then roll your bottom out, and then run your ravioli pasta rolling pin over it or score it with a pizza cutter in lines. Fill them with a scant 1/2 tsp of the filling of your choice. In this case, finely diced slow roasted pork hock, minced onion and finely diced celery with a touch of my homemade green pepper pasta sauce to bind it together. Carefully lift your top over and then match your roller and roll over it once slowly and with good force.. then take your pizza cutter and finish the lines. Pinch the edges on each one as you lift them up and lightly flour them as you do so.. then allow to rest at least five min, just to help your seals a bit.. Heat up a big pot of salt boiling water, and slip them in one at a time, the water should not be at a roiling boil so you can’t see but it should be boiling enough that the ravioli will lift within the first 15 to 20 seconds after it hits the bottom as you don’t want them stick.. they will take about 2 min or so to cook though an float to the top, have a cast iron just warm with a touch of melted butter, as they rise, slip them out with a slotted spoon and move them over to the butter pan. Toss them to coat them in butter, it will thicken a touch with the fresh pasta, give it a touch sea salt and black pepper and a put a little bit of basil on top. Dig in and enjoy.. DH gave it a 2 thumbs up!





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