Stepped on a nail!

I know, I know, you are thinking it was me, cuz I’ve done that twice this year, once in the barn and once in the yard, and yes, I know that it would be just better to a point to burn the wood and then collect the nails but the issue with that is most of the wood has been in good enough shape to be reused, however those piles of used boards with nails still on them, need to be flipped down, so that there are no nails up facing.

However this time it was all a certain moo cow’s fault, but I am ahead of myself, so this morning when we went down to get Girl from her open box stall to bring her out to the field to have access to the big pasture and the round bale hay feeder (she has a small hay feeder in her stall as well) she was lame on her left foot.. she followed Dh up half way as he came to get me.

So first grab the hoof care trimmers and to clean out her foot, not alot of cleaning needed really, and I am so glad that I have trained her to “give” her feet since she was a few weeks old, so I am giving warning, that unless you have a well trained cow, please don’t walk up to your cow in a pasture and expect to be able to lift their foot and work on it.

So she gave her hoof, let me massage and check her shoulders, leg and hock, no swelling, no sore spots, she was nice and calm, she let me clean the tiny bit on the hoof itself, no swelling, a little bit of heat from just above it, the other legs are all good no issues, but there was once it was cleaned up a small tiny dark spot on the underside of her hoof.. HUH..

So checked her stall, silly cow had pushed off a 2 by 4 and flipped it down on the ground and had clearly stepped on the board and driven the nail into her foot, now the good news was that the nail was very short, so it could not have gone to deeply into the hoof itself, the bad news is that a old nail in cows hoof according to my cow book almost always gets infected without treatment.

So her foot was bathed, treated, and extra three loads of bedding put down in her bedding area, checked to make sure she was eating her hay-check, eating her morning feed-check, drinking her water-check, she did her business-all normal check, able to get up and down easily-check, laying normally-check.

So per the cattle health book, we also gave her a long acting pro-active shot of antibodics,  I don’t like to just jump to antibodics, and I will continue to soak and clean her hoof, and provide all kinds of extra checks and care to make sure she recovers fully. However when the book and vet tec both agree that when it comes to this kind of wound, as I can’t clean it deeply enough that its better to give the shot, then to wait and see if, and then risk having to have the vet come and do more aggessive treatment.

So had to measure her out to get the most up to date info on her weight for correct dose, she was more interested in her cuddles from Dh then what I was doing.  Spent the next twenty min with her in the barn, just doing chores but keeping an eye on her. Reactions are rare and I have the correct meds to give in case it did happen.

Thankfully, no reaction, has been either standing eating hay or laying down chewing cud when I have been checking in on her, can you believe that this is the first health issue we have with girl since she had a light touch of sours the first couple days we got her home..

Let me tell you its times like this that I am so glad that she is such a calm cow with a great temperment and that we worked as hard as we did and do on her training, so that when you need to touch her all over, or lift a foot, or give a shot you can do it safely for both yourself and the cow.

Now its just a matter of time and followup care and we should see improvement within the next 48 hours.

Ps, I wrote that post yesterday, so this mornings update, swelling down, putting about 10 to 20 percent more pressure on foot/leg, still in good spirits, gave her a shoulder/leg massage, cool compress and overall happy with the progress.

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3 Responses to Stepped on a nail!

  1. Deb W says:

    Oh poor, funny Girl… So glad to hear she’s improving! Isn’t it funny how stoic animals are? They love the attention so and, even if it is a bit uncomfortable now, they always seem to know they’ll feel better once you’re done. And puncture wounds are THE worst (for anyone – never mind a cow) She’s so lucky to have you to nurse her along.

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  3. alex says:

    Hi there my goat stepped on a nail in the back of her hoof between when the leg ends and the hoof starts. Bout an inch in, she can’t put much weight on it today, it happened yesterday. I’ve been soaking it in warm salt water. If it doesnt get better tommorrow should i get a shot for her? she’s my best goat, and i can’t afford the vet right now.

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