Power Out-How are you planning on cooking….

Gotta say, I am a bit surprised at the massive power-outage that took place in the US and Mexico, I mean wow, how can such a huge blackout occur because of one staff member, removed a piece of monitoring equipment,  Millions spent on air traffic control, millions spent on strengthing the border, millions spent on making lists and checking them twice but a backup that would stop five million peaple in two different countries from losing power is not in place!


Regardless of where you live, if you lose power, unless you have a propane or gas lined stove, you are most likely losing your cooking means, there are a number of different ways to give yourself a cooking means, you could have a wood cook stove in the house, you could have extra propane for your camping cook stove, you could have extra propane and a good BBQ set up, you could have a homebuilt outdoor fireplace an oven combo, you could have a solar cooker, you could have a rocket stove, either homemade or bought..

As folks know, i got a ecozoom, as I wanted to be as frugal on the amount of fuel needed to cook and or reheat my food, boil my water etc. I promised a little more detail on things as I figured things out myself, and I figured it out.. so lets see what I have learned.

So first, I wanted a factual amount of wood burned so I used precut wood at one inch by one inch by 12 inches long.

So this little one can make flapjacks in cast iron frying pan like no ones business, you only need four sticks to make a full batch in cooking time.

For making Baking Powder in a cast iron cook pot with lid, it took six sticks to cook a pot full, the pan does need to be greased and they do need to be flipped, you can`t seem to do the coal cooking that you would on a real fire, the space in the ecozoom is just to small to do that, you would need to use coal intead of wood fire. But it cooked them in less then eight min from start to finish.

Then I added in 2 quarts of water, brought it to a boil in under five min and put in fresh dug cut up potato`s.. Time to cooked potatos was, (this required a total of four more sticks) right around ten min, its worth noting that fresh dug potato`s do cook about 20 percent faster then stored potato.

Now because I could not stand the idea of letting that boiling water and the rest of the coals and fire go to waste, I put in two cups of rice into it and the rice was done perfectly by the time the fire died out and it was allowed to just sit for 20 min..

Awesome.. for less then one typical fire log in size, I cooked four frying pans full of pancakes, a cast iron pot with five Baking Powder Bisquits, boiled water, cooked potato`s and made a pot of rice..

This post is part of the Homestead Preparedness Challenge

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11 Responses to Power Out-How are you planning on cooking….

  1. Melissa says:

    I would have done the same thing with the water! Like minded we are! I am shocked about how sensitive the US really is. Shocking. I need one of those little stoves. Thanks for the post. Melissa

  2. kathy says:

    I have to get my husband to look at this. We are wooded, on the outskirts of town, so when our overhead lines go down it can be awhile before we have power. We can cook since only our stove is on propane, we just have to light it with a match. We can also cook on the Coleman or over an open fire but this looks really nice and efficient, even more so than using a lot of wood in our fire pit. Thank you!

    • Hi Kathy, Thanks for stopping by the blog and for your comment, Sounds like you have a couple backups already in regards to cooking but yes, you could for sure cook more on this, using less wood then cooking over a open fire, the fire pit will let you cook more things at a time though.

  3. April says:

    What a great experiment, it is good to know how much wood you will need, and what a wonderful little stove, I will have to add that to my wish list. For now, my emergency kit only involves sterno and propane stoves, as well as propane stove oven attachments. I should run a similar experiment to see what I could cook and practice using it as well. Great post, really got me thinking! ~April

  4. That is a neat little stove! That would be great for camping too.

  5. Moira says:

    This looks great!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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