Good deal but Bad Farm Sale!

Well, I had a ton of things to do today so taking time out for a farm sale was really not a great idea to tell the truth but I had invited a friend and she said yes so even though when I got up in the morning and hummed a bit, off I went..

Lesson #1 learned: The auctioneer makes a HUGE difference in the sale, I normally almost always go to a sale run by a local called Peter, his father-in-law,  (who had the business for years) and the wife,  her brother, grandma and granddaughter and they are fast, they move like lightening at sales, they have a set way the sales run by the layout and you have a good idea of how they do things, anything that is going to be sold per peice is on a table or wagon set out in sets or singles, the rest is box sets, with normally one or two good things folks want in a box of so-so, then you move to the down the line to house stuff, then over the garden and always farm supplies/work supplies is last.. its the same lay-out at every sale, you can count on it.. 

Well between the two older gentleman (very sweet but had to in their 70’s) the fiftyish son who was very unhappy at the prices, they had the sale moving as slow as I have ever seen! Everything was being sold one thing at a time, no group lots, every single book pull out, every single rod sold each, each saw etc etc.. This should have been a 10 to 4 to 5pm sale, I would not be surprised if they are still there at 8 tonight..

So found a few things that I was interested in, huge box of steel bowls for canning/prep-work, a fruit juice steamer in good condition and a box of good qaulity steel pots of different shapes.. but did they start at the kitchen wagon? NO, they started at one of four tool wagons… selling each little box of tool bits one at a time..oh.. my… God!

No way am I spending the whole day on this.. but something had caught my eye, a set of six very large metal U in the farm equipment row.. now I have seen these at the farm store, and they cost 50 each new, so I was interested in them.. but figured at the pace they were going, I would head home, put a few hours of good hard work in and then head back out to catch the tail end of the sale and that farm row.. should have known they would not do it in order..

So got to the sale and its clear that they have(might?) been down the line but its not clear that anyone has claimed the big U bars, so I head over to ask, yes they have tried to sell them, no one would bid on them.. ok, well I want them, go talk to a old guy, leads me to the son (who was grumpy in the morning, is now red faced unhappy), I explain that no one would bid on them, and I would be interested, would he take five dollars (note: I would have paid five each without blinking) but he says.. No, I might consider $ 50, which makes me snort.. 50 for something they could not sell at the time they were up! I don’t frickin thing so.. So, I said, no, he says then tell them to re-sell them and see if you can get better..

So put them in line to be sold.. wait 30 min while they sell ten saws and box’s of fishing gear, one single peice at a time while the very small and tired and worn crowd buys each one at 1 to 3 dollars each.. finally mine come up.. gentleman says, start the bids at $200, I smile and say.. Five dollars for the lot.. he says, anyone (knowing that there is no one) says sold, so in total for something new at the feed store for 250 plus tax, I paid 5 dollars plus tax. Its a great buy, I am thrilled with the buy, but not a good sale overall.

So what am I going to do with my six feet wide, six feet high at the center point so new they still have their tags on them steel U poles.. I’m going to dig them down by about a foot and half into the garden, put them about six feet apart and make myself a 36 foot long, four feet high, 6 foot wide cold frame! As I happened to buy a big roll of greenhouse plastic at a farm sale last year for 8 dollars (no one knew what it was), that means I have a) recyled all the parts, as I will weight it with rocks on the farm, and put together the whole kit for a total of 13 dollars plus tax..

That’s amazing!, I’m thrilled and look forward to doing some late fall plantings under it, photo’s coming when we get it set up..  So what do you think? Did I get a good buy? If you had seen them, would you have thought of that way to use them?

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4 Responses to Good deal but Bad Farm Sale!

  1. Lake Lili says:

    Been to a couple of sales like that and you could cry. Great score though… please post pictures when you put it together.

    • Hi Lake Lili

      Will do, once I start putting it together, i will hae a much better idea of how far apart each pole will need to be, plus I have to figure out if I want to put them over a raised garden bed, or if I want to use square foot gardening or two rows etc, Also wondering if I should break them up into smaller plots to get easy access on each end, raither then from the sides.. but I will share the final choice.

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        Kind of makes you wonder how much the seller “saved” by hiring the old fellas instead of someone more experienced, eh? That would just about make me want to rip my hair out… but you definately got your money’s worth ( in spite of the red-faced, pissy guy; )

  2. Will says:

    WTG … your reward for enduring ij’its!!

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