Spaghetti Squash Recipe..

Here is one of my favorite recipes  for Spaghetti Sqaush, hmmm, we are going to do a fresh farm overview on it but it can easily be made with the items from the store or your fully loaded pantry!

Find a nice big Spaghetti sqaush ready in garden (or the store or farmers markets), Slice the sqaush in half, using a big spoon or a mellon baller to clean out the seeds and guts, if you have chickens they will do a clucky dance of joy for this, if not, compost pile or into a veggie soup stock? Then run a light coating of oil on the outside rib and face down into pan covered with tinfoil and into the oven, if you have a good qaulity toaster oven, you can do this with less power then running your big oven, if using the big oven, come up with a couple different things to bake off at the same time. Bake for about 25 to 30 min till fork tender, at 350..

In your cast iron pan, put half a pd of ground lamb (or beef or goat) with one onion finely chopped, at least two or three big cloves of garlic diced up and brown it up, the meat should have no pink, the onion clear, at this time put in 6 to 8 good size tomato’s diced up into small cubes along with lots of diced fresh basil, simmer it briefly..

Take out your sqaush and using very clean dish cloths, gentle and carefully(its hot) flip the half over (if you cook it down, it will be to watery) and scoop your wonderful meaty/tomato goodness into the half, it should fill each shell, top off with big slices of mozzara or any other kinds of melty white cheese with a touch of diced fresh basil on top, into the oven for 3 to 5 min till melted and bubbling..  I tend to serve a half per person, but you could either work with smaller sqaush or self half if you want, but a side each works perfectly..

Side on plate and serve, they take their forks and pull off  stands into the mix while eating it, or you can loose the cheese and cute presention and scoop out the squash, heaping the threads into a big pile on a platter, and cover with your meat/sauce and sprinkle some parm on it..

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2 Responses to Spaghetti Squash Recipe..

  1. mom says:

    Good morning FarmGal, Your Auntie L showed me how to do squash like this a few years ago and yes it is very good.I also do it with just lots of veggies and cheese . it is one of the few vegetarian meals Kenneth will eat and not ask for meat as well. Off to the farm today as i didn’t have the mail key with me. I should never change purses! Raspberries hanging from the bushes,and the peppers and zuchinni are going strong. I found an old Readers Digest gardening book that Grandma J gave me when Joey was little and I had my first garden at Clyde,
    I will put it in your box, hopefully in the mail this week. Love mom

    • Thanks for the update mom, and I will look forward to my box, enjoy your time at the farm, glad that the garden is doing so well for you, I have to admit as busy as we were when I was out, getting that garden in was a pain in the rear, but so glad it happened.

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