Sometimes you just need to recharge your batteries!

Sometimes on a farm that moment when you listen to the frogs or see the fireflys or watch a newborn lamb nursing or see a peeping chick or duckling chasing down a bug, you are filled with a sense of wonder that you get to have all this on the farm..

But sometimes you just need to spend a little time off the farm in the company of fellow lady folks, you get to catch up on how is the family, the gardens, the hubbies, you get to do the little “does your man ever do this?” but when you get the right group of girls together, you have moments.. Moments when you watch a mother nurse her newborn little one with a look of pure contentment on her face, moments when the laughter fills the room, moments when silence fills the room and deep thoughts are expressed afterwards.

As much as I love my DH, and I do, there is something special about time spent in the company of other women, that I believe we need it for balance in our lifes and to be able to refocus, to redirect energy, to just fills that cup up to overflowing with the blessings life brings us if would just stop but a moment and see it.. Thanks for the coffee girls!

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3 Responses to Sometimes you just need to recharge your batteries!

  1. Mel says:

    It was a fantastic day with much needed girl time. Thanks!

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