Healing foods for your lungs..

This reaction, then infection that has hit me is centered on my throat and lungs, which means that it is very important to eat to provide your body what it needs to give a helping hand..

So all orange colored fruit and veggies are on the menu, carrots, sweet potato, canteloupe, aprocots

Food with lots of water content in them is good, melons are high on that list, honeydew, Watermelon, and again Canteloupe, cooling foods are better at this point then hot at the moment, the idea of hot soup ah, but icy cold watermelon, may not taste like it should be went right down..

Strangely Banana’s are on the list of do not eat if you lungs are giving you issues, as is yeast based breads, better to go to Baking Powder bisquits or flapjacks or soda crackers etc.

Keeping everything as clean as possable is important, which means cleaning out the air cleaners and having a fan on to help move the air around, using natural oils to help open up airways, sitting over hot bowls of water with mint tea bags in it, cool cloths wipe downs and hot cloth compress’s in plastic with the heating mat on top all help in their own ways.

While no one can pound out my back in the same way as my momma, dear hubby is getting good at it, and when you have coughed till you throw up and then can’t get your air back, being able to focus on the hand that rubs up and down in the dark of 3 am means alot.

Funny for the day,

Me, Can you make me a cup of herb tea?

DH, Were is the Herb Tea?

Me, Its in the tea cupboard!

DH,  Bang, crash, clank, I can’t find it?

Me, What do you mean, anyone will do?! (mutter, Mutter, just want a cup of tea..whimper)

DH, Well I can’t find it, pick something else?

Me, stumble into kitchen, wave at the whole pile of herbal tea in cupboard..  say, see right there..

DH, Glares at cupboard and snarls, as lifting a tin.. Where does it say, HERBAL tea..

Me -Finally clueing in.. sigh.. All tea that is not made from tea leaves is Herbal tea!

DH, Oh, well why didn’t you say so.. want mint?

Me, I’m going back to bed!


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4 Responses to Healing foods for your lungs..

  1. jj says:

    Husbands, hey? (rolls eyes)

    Hope you’re feeling much better soon…

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    After I’d tried everything else, including a hefty antibiotic, finally got a bunch of things at the health shop in town. Best thing ever – a Chinese herbal combination called Clear Lungs. (Oh, and turmeric added to (or in place of the lemon in) your hot honey and lemon is also very helpful. More orange!)

    • Hi Deb

      Interesting, I will look for clear lungs and see if I can find it, the antibodics and the stronger more regular doses of antihistmines do appear to be doing the trick but I am also using oils with a diffuser a couple times a day in regards to air.

      I will try the turmeric in a honey tea, I normally get a fair amount of Turmeric in my diet already as I do the Dr. Oz mix of 1/3 black pepper/1/3 turmeric/1/3 garlic powder, but for some reason my taste buds are off right now and everything seems sharp and I want it as bland as possable.

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