The Complete Compost Gardening Guide

by Barbara Pleasant and Deborah Martin.

I picked up this book at our local feed store, it is carried by Thomas-Allan in Canada but is a Storey Book, I flipped though it and then ended up standing reading it, while Dh got the feed, and did the rest of the list shopping to come back to me and nudged me to the check out with book till in hand.

I am going to get the only thing I don’t like the book out of the way, and that is that its a big floppy coffee table pretty book, which I am sure lots of other folks would love, and I will be the first to admit its got eye appeal, and that the photos are well laid out and are of interest, however from the farmers mind set, a less floppy smaller book would be better to haul around the farm for when you want to try things out.

Steven Solmon’s “Gardening in Hard Times” still has the best write up and break down I have ever! seen on figuring out what each critter produces in terms of what their manure offers the home garden, having said that, this book is so far the most detailed book that covers every aspect of composting, how to make it, how to use it, how to work with natural bugs/worms, and also what plants you can use to grow on or by different kinds of compost areas.

Their version of grow heaps are really baby versions of hugalbeets (but without the wood and all its useful properties), They give alot of versions for how to do things that would work for city, town or for the small holder.

I really liked Chapter 6, which is all about composting underground in craters, trenches, and holes, Its a great idea to get in ground feeding and watering pots for heavy feeding plants, very clever indeed.

I certainly have enough branches down from the latest storms and need to do a little burning when the weather is right, as I want some clean ash to add to the one garden spot,

Do you compost? If so is it tradional composting or do you try different ways to do it, do you compost in the garden itself or at the edges of it? Do you use worms to give a helping hand? Have you ever used a composting underground pit?

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