The urge to purge…

What is it about longer daylight and warmer temps that makes us want to clean? I mean we are crazy busy with gardens, New baby critters, extra hours in the barns, and now canning is making almost a daily showing in the house and yet, the urge to purge and clean is driving me.

The urge to go though cupboards, drawers, closets and trunks, the urge to clean the cellar, and count the jars so I have a better idea of “just what I have” vs what I need, the rest is the same, I seem to be almost in a hunt to confirm do I have enough of this or that, and its not that I want those things empty either, I want to see that I have XX  or three or ten ABC’s in storage.

Its not just the house either, I am doing it all over the farm, I am both in purge and put up mode, I want the yard clean and tidy (which is never a easy thing to do considering things just got blown all over in yet another flippin storm), I have the same urge with the farm critters, I normally like having a few extra of this or that around, but over the past while I feel the need to bring the bird flocks down to just the bare numbers, and yet because I have had such strange weather and lost a number of clutches, I have ordered in replacement bird stock both for laying, and eating, plus a half dozen turkey pullets to raise up for super fine eating, so its not that I am open to increasing production.

DH is helping and just staying out of my way in most things, if I want it gone, it happens but even he says, he is surpised at how ruthless I am being on things, I just want everything to be useful and have its place and know where to find it, and I want room for things that I think we are missing in our preps. The power went out for close to 18 hours and once again, I quickly found a couple very small things that would have made things easier if we had them, and so onto the to do list they went.

Are you feeling the push to get ready, just get ready for what, the future I guess? I know everyone has their own version of the future and how they expect their own to look, and I am the same, I know where I want to be headed and I do need “stuff” to help make it happen but I seem to think I need to remove things in order to make way for what I want  or feel will come next.. Do you ever feel that way? and if so are you acting on it?

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6 Responses to The urge to purge…

  1. Andrea says:

    I get this way in fall…after the busyness of the gardening and canning is done and I’m kind of sitting around with no weeds to pull or beans to can or herbs to dry or jelly to make or apples to sauce. Around mid-October, I’ll be saying the same thing as you are.

    • Hi Andrea

      I normally get this way in the spring, but as I got called home to mom’s, I am having it happen at the same time as the garden, Funny because when winter hits for me, I go into quiet mode, raither then cleaning mode..

  2. Will says:

    I think the energy of the world is pushing those of us who are not sleepwalkers to take care of things now, so that we can be as prepared for that unknown future as best we can.

  3. Jenny says:

    It is so weird that you posted this, I have just entered the blogging world and that I just happened to click on your link that Andrea has on her blog, but I have really had the itch to purge too this week. Mine comes from wanting to sell the kids clothes that they have outgrown at a church kids sale in a few weeks…..and then have a garage sale and make money after that. So if it doesn’t help us get to our goals, its out. Happily, I have a brand new guitar in the pile…that should add a little. Were are ready to get rid of things that 6 months ago, we weren’t. lol The worlds a changin’….. Of course the urge would come in the middle of chaos of canning and stuff….

    • Hi Jenny

      Welcome to the blog, hope you will continue to stop by and I love comments. Sounds like you are in the same mode in regards to clearing the clutter and agree, the world’s a changin, better to try to take a little control of our small corners of it, if at all possable.

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