Canning Log Update


It was time to do a inventory of the canning, so I can have a better idea of what needs to be put up this season, Figured we would share with the folks were we start and then do one in the end of fall season.


There is little order to this, sorry but its how it got wrote down, boy are we low on a number of things, good thing , we are heading into canning/harvest season..


Green Pickle Relish-6 pints


Watermelon Jelly-8 pints


Dilled Green Tomato’s- 5 pints


Whole Baby Tomatotes-6 Pints


BBQ Sauce-13 pints


Victoria Ketchup- 7 pints


Sweet Plum Sauce-4 pints


Spicy Plum Suace- 6 Pints


Grape Jelly-1 Pint


Peach’s -1 Pint


Beets-2 pints


Pickled Beets-1 pint


Strawberry Syrup-4 pints


Strawberry Tomato Jam- 4 pints


Pasta Sauce plain -11 pints


Mixed Herb Jelly-4 pints


Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Filling -4 pints


High Bush Current Jelly – 2 pints


Canberry Jelly-2 pints


Ginger Jam- 3 Pints


Crabapple/Peach Jam-2 pints


Elderberry/chokeberry Jam -2 Pints


Pasta Sauce with Veggies- 10 Quarts


Sour Cherry Fruit- 2 Quarts


Tomato Huice -3 Quarts


Strawberry fruit -3 Quarts


Strawberry Fruit -12 Pints


Cranberry Marrow Fruit-1 Quart


Danilion Honey- 3 pints


Sweet Relish- 5 pints


Blueberry Fruit-6 pints


Blueberry Jam-12 pints


Blueberry/strawberry/rhubarb fruit- 12 pints


Zesty Carrot Relish-3 pints


Strawberry Jam-3 pints


Apple Jelly 8 pints


Maple Syrup -7 pints


Rhubarb Jam -4 pints


Rhubarb Fruit-12 Pints


Pickled Radishs-1 pint


Gooseberry Jam-1 pint


Dill Pickle-1 pint


Christmas Puddings -3 pints.

So are you like me, More empty jars at this time then full?

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2 Responses to Canning Log Update

  1. jj says:

    Yeah, we’re definitely getting down on some stuff here, too. Luckily, we’ve been able to start filling the pantry back up…dandelion and rose jelly, strawberry jam, cubed beef, rose vinegar, and the saskatoon berries are coming ripe, so the next nice picking day will see us doing saskatoon preserves…

    • Hi JJ

      hmm Saskatoons, I miss them, but I see my black Chokecherry’s are starting to turn color, so they and elderberry are my ontario saskatoon replacement berries. The garden is growing well so there will be lots from there to can up.

      I am out of canned meat, but that will change once the lambs get butchered out, plus the ducks, chickens, turkeys and rabbits, its just a matter of time but it sure seems empty down there at the moment.

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