Fresh Sweet Pea’s-A spring treat in a Sweet and Sour Pork Dish.

My Garden Cup Overflows, one of the many things coming out of the garden at this time of the year is sweet fresh green pea’s. They are still in bloom so there is no end in sight yet, but the first steady pickings have began.

Last night, I figured out what we were having for supper and headed out to the garden for green onion, and a basket full of fresh picked pea pods. Most of the pea’s were fresh o so tender baby pea’s.

The Pea pods can be roasted, or they can be simmers in a little water to make a pea broth for later use but I feed these ones as treats to the sheep and the pig later that night, I swear the sheeps eyes crossed in pleasure while they munched away.

So got left with a good size bowl of these lovely pea’s..I could have just eaten them fresh as is!

Time to make supper, I made a pot of white rice (yes, I know, its not as good as brown or red or wild rice but the sauce on this dish was going to be so light, that if I had used a heavy rice on it, it would have overpowered it and I didn’t want that)

Into a pot went a whole onion, both white and green parts, six big white local mushrooms sliced and about 2 pds of fresh diced tenderloin into stew sized cubes, I stirfried them till the meat was done, and to it I added a pint jar of homemade watermelon jelly for the sweet part, once it had melted, I added 2 tbsp of rice wine vinager and Volio, my light, but delightful sweet and sour pork was ready, at the very last second, I added in my big bowl of fresh green pea’s and served it over the rice.

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1 Response to Fresh Sweet Pea’s-A spring treat in a Sweet and Sour Pork Dish.

  1. Sheri says:

    Yum! Yesterday evening I was pretty tired from the gardening and canning and was wishing for someone to cook me dinner and do my dishes! I still love to eat white rice from time to time and I keep telling myself I need to learn to make a killer Mexican rice dish. My thumb and index finger are a bit on the sore-side from all the fruit picking so my peas are getting quite large!

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