Meat and Potato’s Meal

Stuffed Steak with Cheesy Baked Mashed Potato with Gravy. It was so good!

or how I took leftover’s and made them into the above..

Well, Mainly leftover’s, I was digging in the meat freezer, in prep for my March Challange and found this little tiny frozen beef roast, it was just enough for four thin steaks or enough roast for 2 meals for DH and Myself but it was getting really old, and a bit frost bit, so needed to get used up..

So thawed out and cut into 4 steaks, but it was not looking all that great, so into a nice salt brine for 12 hours it went, then I popped them into a plastic bag and beat them flat with a big old wooden rollin pin., I was able to get them nice and flat.

Took the last end of my leftover buttermilk bread, cut it into cubes and dried them into breadcrumbs, lots of spices/dried mushrooms/dried green an red peppers, melted some butter and some lamb stock till just wet.. Take a handfull of stuffing, lay out flat over the beaten steak, and then roll up and place into a small baking pan.. total Four steaks, baked cover for 40 min at 350.

Leftover Mashed needed to be used up, but I also had old mozza cheese that DH had openned and it had not got rewrapped correctly, and so I had a good 4 inch chunk that was as dried out as can be.. so cubed it up, mixed it into the mashed, some sheep milk, and nice spices and into a baking dish, and into the oven for 40 min to reheat and melt that chunks of cheesy goodness. I used a little leftover bacon fat and bits into the mix for a little extra flavor.

Carefully lifted out the stuffed steaks, cover and let them rest, and I took the drippings and added a little more lamb stock and made just a bit of wonderful gravy, with a touch of corn starch for thickin.. Touch of sprinckled stringing nettle on top and Volio, old tough meat, old bread, hard old cheese and left over mashed turning into a mouthwatering meal full of flavor and melt in your mouth tender.

What have you done lately in the kitchen that has turned a frugal save into a great meal?

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1 Response to Meat and Potato’s Meal

  1. knowwhentoshutup says:

    Certainly nothing as tasty as this meal! What a great idea! I do love when inspiration strikes and you come out with something tasty and delicious!

    I typically try to meal plan for a month out, and shop once (save for a few runs for basics like bread and milk). I find I spend less money and time that way. But, it does get a bit interesting towards the end of the month.

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