Book Review and workouts

Well, I got the “You on a Diet” by Dr. Oz and Michael Roizen book, I found it written for the average person and little heavy on the jokes and or funnies for me. Having said that, it did have very good overviews and the book is worth it for a few chapters and for the questions and answers, I don’t like the diet part, but then I don’t “diet”  by following anything that requires me to eat this or that.

One of the biggest reason’s that this sort of eat this or that does not work is because I make almost everything from scratch and raise/grow almost all my own food, and there is no way that I am going to throw out my homemade XXX made from or with my organic eithically raised critters to go buy “low-fat” YYY from a store.

When I started writing up my weekly weigh in, I thought only my friends and family would be checking in on me, but have since had at least one wonderful lady who checks in regular (you know who you are Miss C) and I find myself wanting to give a little more background while still being my typical private person on the big World Wide Web.

So for those that are new to me, I am heavy, as over a hundred pds overweight, Having said that, I am a very active overweight gal. I noticed that most of the ladies in the on-line support group gave a little background, so I will do the same, I do come from a family of tall, big framed folks, as an example, I am the shortest person in my family at 5’10, everyone else is over six foot, and the girls in my family can easily make 6’3 and the tallest gent is 6’8, we have alot of football and basketball/baseball players in the family.

I have always been medically what they would call heavy, having said that, I was a happy active child, with friends, horses, farm, moterbike/bike, sports, and belonged to groups, I was so active in high school, belonging to acting club, both on stage (including lead roles in both juinor and senior) as well as directing, I sat on committee’s and belongs to both sport groups and the list goes on, I don’t think I missed a single school dance.

Once I left school, I have traveled and lived in a number of place’s, held down many different jobs, moved across the country in sections, and during it all, made new friends, continued and added in new hobbies, learned new skills and hiked, or canoe’d many a trail and lake while doing so.

I kept my weight fairly stable overall until I lost my newborn daughter when she was five days old and then gained close to eighty pds, and slowly but surely took it off, then I lost my newborn son,  and gained again and it was only last year that I decided that I was going to lose the weight, I lost 41 pds in 2010, and I will be working to lose around 50 pds for 2011.

Dr. Oz in the book above says that instead of going for a “ideal” weight goal listed by the gov, that I should look back to when I was 18 or 21 (or a time that you were active and overall where you were at a good weight and felt great as an adult) and look at where that weight was, for me that would mean that I need to lose 130-140ish pds to get me back to the weight I was when I was both 18 and 21.  He recommends that you find a goal range that should be ten pds flexing.

So on to the weekend, got DH to weigh in and he is still within the same ten pd rato of when I meet him ten years ago, if he went by the books, he should be about 20 pds less, he is lean everywhere but his tummy, which as most know is the most dangerous place of all.

I measured his waist and we had a really indepth talk about the fact that I want him to understand that he does carry his weight in a danger zone, I was so happy to see him read the Dr. Oz book and then take the time to write out his day and ask me for impute on ways to tweek his meal plan etc 

He decided to join me in my half hour core body workout, God I love my wii and my workout programs, and I had to laugh because by the end, he said “I finally understand why you are always talking back to the instructor” LOL

Got my 30 min walks with DH both days of the weekend, so overall just a great weekend in terms of learning and being together on the same page, it felt awesome to have DH right there with me.

I saw something interesting on some of the other girls sites in regards to “rewarding” yourself for losing weight and I really like the idea, I will start a list of rewards.

One of the idea’s I came up with on my list (which I am working on) was a trip up to a place that you need to hike into to get to a favorite rock to sit and soak in the amazing beauty of nature.

On the other hand, I am having a great deal of difficulty figuring out how to meet one of my weekly goals which is Do something new? I really should have worded that different, into something like.. Do something different then normal this week.. because I have hit the web, the phone book and am racking my brain for something to do that is local and reasonablely priced that I have “Never” done in my life and I am struggling on this.. but still have a few more days to get it done!

Photo taken by N Roy just outside of Rossport, I didn’t know she took this, it was a private moment for me, but I am glad she did take it and shared it with me.. When I drove across the country with my dear momma,  we stopped at this little town of Rossport for lunch and had a great visit with the owner of the place we eat and she told us to stop at this little pull off, that it was amazing and the spot is shown above and she was right, there is something about it that seems magical when you are there. When we left I told my momma, that I would be back at least once more, and put it on my “bucket” list and so three years later,  I was honored to be back again to enjoy that amazing view with the pounding baby waves.

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