Potato Pancakes Recipe

After being without power all day, from very early morning to late evening, we needed something to make that was quick and tasty but also filling.. Potaoto Pancakes to the rescue..

So easy to make.. Farm Fresh Potato’s Grated or Minced, six or seven med size, 2 farm fresh chicken eggs or one Duck egg, One minced onion, some cumbled bacon, a heaping tablespoon of our fresh horseradish, add a little flour or breadcrumbs if its to wet, salt, pepper, Garlic powder, some basil and chives.. Mix it all together, should be fairly stiff.

Heat cast iron pan at a med high heat, oil needs to be hot, and drop in by heaping tablespoons, flatten down if needed and cook till golden brown.. keep them warm on wire rack in oven at 325. Serve with a good dollup of sour cream and a bit of dried dill

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