No Buy November Week 2 Part 2a

Well, I guess I should first the other half of the 13th, so I did speak with a nurse and was informed that I have the flu not a cold. It would appear that its one of the most common in our area and that I am right the correct typical path of being sick, and slowly digging back out to health. According to the nurse I should expect four to six weeks  in total before I feel “normal” in stamina and prep etc.  I am three weeks in but she does not count the back until my fever broke, so she says four more weeks would common with six weeks on bad side..

I am on par with what I should be doing, take meds, support with food, rest, avoid getting chilled, lots of fluids.. bla.. bla.. Bla.. we all have a pretty good idea on what the rest of the common sense advice I was given..  I was giving a short list of things that if they did not improve I was to go back for medical help.

On the most positive side I made German Potato Pancakes for supper on the 13ths, so easy, so filling and not hard on my tummy.. Spiced up hubbies a bit then mine..

Called and booked in Leeloo Mom Miss S for her spay next week, I know that the vet wants her not nursing but honestly from what I can feel she has very little milk at this point and really want her fixed before there is any change of her getting breed again.

Nov 14th

What a cold bitter wind day.. its -12 out there but with the wind, its -18 and trust me that is Brrrr weather when it hits you and we are under our first “heavy” snow fall warning starting late thursday afternoon today and going all day friday. We will see how deep it gets..  Will report and take photo’s for you 🙂

Got the last of the Christmas early box’s sent, Hubby had driven into the city so he could pick up the last thing needed that I could not get locally, which was lots of little bags of different jelly beans.

Hubby did great on keeping the farm up to date on many things but there are just things he does not think off that I do. All my house plants needed drinks today, my wonderful little blue fish needed a half bowl water change and new water added.

He forgot to water my sprouting trays, so the top trays where very dry and I just cleaned them out and feed them out to the chickens (who though they were the best treat ever) and I took the bottom trays which were ok and got them cleaned up and moved to storage for use in the fridge and got tray’s cleaned up and new batch’s started.

The cured meat was overdue to be pulled out and prepped for cooking I had planned on smoking it and using it as breakfast ham but decided that I would cook it as a small ham today instead. I went with a mustard honey spiced glaze.

The indoor/outdoor cats that are in and out of the house decided that today winter had arrived so the outdoor only cats are all in the barn but Sunny, Patrick and Faith wait to see that the dogs are out and then come running in to the warm house to nap when they come in.

I am sad to say that our last little pig passed away in her hut, it seems peaceful, looks like she just went to sleep and did not wake up.. I am a bit surprised as while she was a mature female, she was not old per say.  She had a good summer with lots of fresh air, sunshine, tons of fresh greens to enjoy.. I hope she dreamed of eating a dandelion flower which was her favorite treat of all! The photo above was always my personal favorite one of her.

Nov 15th

I woke up this morning within a hour of my normal wake up time. This to me is a very good sign that I am getting better.. I am in putter mode this morning..

Got the Mudpie cookies made and cooled for a sweet treat. These ones were made with only oatmeal, no coconut like in the above recipe in the full post on them (in the blue link)

The salted egg yolks came out today and will finish their drying out of the salt and I look forward to having them available for my mock cheese. As I have very limited cheese in the house and no fresh dairy on the farm.. it is a welcome way to get around this in many dishes.

Pulled my last pound of ground lamb until we take this years lamb to be processed.  I am looking forward to making mock steak with onions and gravy with mixed veggies for supper tonight.

A friend tagged me to a seed house that is offering a awesome 2 for 1 sale and so I spent a little bit of time carefully selecting Heritage seeds of garden, some of them are for the livestock feed garden, and the rest are for producing food for us.

If you want in on it, Check out the 2 for 1 seed package sale at Salt Spring Seeds  

Now remember to read his comments carefully,  and check them where you live, while they are outstanding for the west coast and for certain zones in Canada, many of them you will need to watch and read your packages carefully in order to use them in some of our harsher planting zones.

For one of the best heritage seed house’s that has some of the shortest season producers that I have ever found it would be Heritage Seed House in Sask.. she has a outstanding amount of plants that start producing between 45 to 55 days that normally take 65 to 90 days.

As has been talked about in a number of places, last spring frosts, really! early fall frosts, I had friends that got Aug Frost. Everyone from the West Coast, across the middle of Canada and for sure in Eastern Canada, the growing season in 2018 was short.. In some case 10 to 20 days short and in other case’s we lost 24 to 33 days in our grow seasons.

This means we must change our seed buying as well as our planning and planting to deal with this.. there are so many things we can do to improve our crops, we just need to think it though.

Wow, do I get chatty on these, I am going to post these early so that I have a hope of folks reading them to the end 🙂







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4 Responses to No Buy November Week 2 Part 2a

  1. Silveryew says:

    Gosh, no wonder you’ve been feeling so under the weather. Please look after yourself and stay warm!
    I’m very sorry to hear your guinea pig passed away.

  2. Margy says:

    When I was a kid I had guinea pigs for pets. We lived in the city so it was an easy pet to have. Hope you feel better soon. – Margy

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