Friday Rambles “Winter has arrived”

Hello, come in.. Put your boots on the melt tray and let me shake out your coats and such. Would you like a hot chocolate today? It just seems right for this first snow storm of the season to offer hot Chocolate, but if you prefer grab a cup of coffee or I can make a pot of tea?

Ps, that reminds me that I need to get my basket of washable floor slippers so that I have them ready for guests.

The first snow storm at the end of 2018 has arrived, we did not get much really, not sure what the fuss is about, its only four inches! with a bit more in drift here on the farm but I know they got a lot more in other areas and Its a Massive Storm that covered many states and province’s  in Canada.  They say that we are not done yet that more snow is on the way yet so maybe it will be more in the end.

I found it very interesting that “normally” we get 6 of these storms a year.. want to guess where we are at in 2018? 11 and counting..  and let me tell you if you live on the east coast of Canada, they are getting even more.. they are from what I can see averaging at least two a week for the past month at least.. never-ending storms.

While the cold has arrived here, I am watching and praying for those effected by the fires and I have not forgotten all those effected by the hurricanes. I am so sorry for those that have been effected including folks I have known online for years.  A dear friend of mine lost her home in the “camp fire”..  I am so sorry.

You have heard me blog before about the damage done with now confirmed Six tornado’s touched down in the Ottawa valley and across into the Quebec side of the Ottawa city area.

Katrina made this video public and I think its very important to put a real voice and face to some of the things I was talking about in terms of finding ways to help folks. I am glad they reached their fund-raising goal and that they are getting help but I also want you to here in her own words just how many more little things there are.. how the system is set up for a bleeding out on a thousands tiny cuts.

I was watching the news last night and they had a number of owners from this “weather event” talking about the coming cold, the coming snow.. the fact that they still have holes in roofs, holes in walls and more. That if they can not get things at least patched, they will be forced to move out of their home due to the cold.

I agree, a blue tarp will not keep out the cold/snow.. and in many case’s they are not allowed to even try to fix it in a more temp way as they are waiting for insurance to do so, or in the case of some of the folks, they are waiting on land lords, who are waiting on insurance and contractors.  It was talked about  and I agree.. those with the skills are working full-time and more if they want to be.. they are working!

I am honestly worried at the amount of folks I am hearing about that are going into a Canadian winter in holiday trailers or campers. It can be done, I know this. But honestly a small wood cabin with a wood stove would be better than a camper in many ways but that is a lot harder to come by close enough to drive to work or where the rebuilds will be done.

I have to admit that I am also surprised at how many folks say, we will rebuild. I say this because of the Fort Mac Fire. I know that a lot of folks never came back, I would like to know the data on this. If you are a home owner or land owner, what percent rebuilds and what percent of renters stay or move.  I wonder if there is a difference.

In the case of Fort Mac if you believe the news about 25% of them do did not go back, they found new jobs, new homes, new places to settle and they were talking in the news that two years later some people are still waiting on their rebuilds.

Which bring me to the question, are those rebuilding, building with an eye to climate change? I know that most folks having lost their home, do not want to have a eye on what could come.. they are in the moment, in the now!

BUT whatever you want to call it.. climate change, climate instability  or use whatever words you want.. it’s here.. it’s not coming guys.. it’s here..    Everyone wants to point at the big things and they are there.. happening world wide.

The truth is for most of us, it will be the little things. So many little things that change

This snow is a month early.. four weeks of our extended fall, gone.. Four weeks of our extended uncover grow season.. gone. Four weeks that normally prime butchering time.

I know, we need to be able to enjoy the small things, we need to love our families and friends, and we did joy in our lives..

I mean Christmas is coming.. and one of the points of why pagan tradition started was to give thanks, spend time with family and friends in a joyful way as you put the growing/harvest season to bed and feasted on the things that would not hold all winter but which where plentiful at that time.

However! They knew that hard times where coming, winter was hard time and expect it will this year for many folks across the world and in many ways the same was then..  Proper shelter, Warmth, Enjoy Food/Water and Illness.

So lets not close our eyes and lets not panic.. Both of them do same thing.. they freeze us.. they hold a person in place..

I say..

Keep them open.. see the big picture (you don’t need to stare it down, just know its there  and willing to keep open mind about it)

And go into it with them wide open and willing to change and learn and flex and Adapt!

So my challenge this week is work on something that needs to be done to help combat the cold.  We have been working on this for the past weeks. It would be nice to tell you that we got it all done ahead of time but life is busy and the farm is busy and there is always a list waiting to be done and juggle.. throw in sickness and hubby working major overtime and the juggle gets harder.

So here we are, needing to still things..

  • We will get a new liner on the door to prevent drafting
  • We will get plastic up on the outside of some of the outbuildings to help prevent drafts in buildings while still allow light in (we do this every year) but I want to a touch this year
  • We will do the inner plastic in the house on at least one or two windows that are not as sealed as they should be.
  • we will run a test on power back and confirm that its working correctly and use it for a day

I will keep you posted on how it goes!

So I will give it over to you dear readers.. what is one thing you can do this week that helps you with something weather related in your home? Be it an apartment, or condo, be it in the city or country..

What is one area you would like to improve on? can you work on it, or it to big or to late in the season? if so, is there something smaller that you can work on?


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12 Responses to Friday Rambles “Winter has arrived”

  1. Mel says:

    Hi. Here in South Africa we have had more than a week of 30+ degrees C. Right now, at almost 9pm, it is still over 30 degrees inside. It does not go well with the hot flushes. I am going out to sit on the Verandah and cool down. What I would give for some of your current weather and precipitation. (Our summer rains have just been teasing me with a few drops every 4 or 5 days). Mel

    • Hi Mel, I do understand, we had that kind of heat this past summer, you stay in the shade and I hope you cool down and get a bit of rain, my farm and the whole zone around us is in a level two drought, so we have gotten 60 percent less rain in 2018 then normal, I have read that your area is hit hard as well.. I truly hope you get some summer rain soon.. may I ask what your normal is and where you are at?

  2. valbjerke says:

    Last week I attended a Ministry of Agriculture Climate action workshop. They are holding them in several ‘distinct’ areas of the province. We were given projections on climate in ten years, twenty years and on…and spent the day brainstorming in groups to decipher what we as farmers big and small think is going to be a major concern in this area. Come February- we return again to discuss the top four choices (after they amalgamate the data) and again in March to see where they’ve decided to focus with funding etc. It will be interesting to see the results. The Peace Country has already done theirs – the area is now populated with sixteen new weather stations- the big concerns there centered around the inability to access timely and accurate weather data for planting/harvesting etc.
    It’s nice now that I’m not working ‘off farm’ to be able to be a part of these things and have my voice as a farmer heard. From the data we were given – we are going to expect more extreme weather ‘events’, a shortage of water, more heat days….the usual I guess for most of the country. They’re basically telling us we need to be able to adapt – and how can we help you do that?
    I’m glad I attended. 😊

    • that’s very interesting to me, they had a big 4 day event in montreal but I found out at the late and it was sold out, I am hoping to get in on it next year and will be watching for further info on things locally, I would be very interested in what comes of the other meetings

  3. Not at all impressed that this happening – for the second (or third?) year in a row – a full month ahead of the Winter Solstice. And by “heavy snow” they mightn’t actually mean a lot of accumulation, but “heavy” weight-wise? Well, actually it’s a combination of both here, with these temperatures… :/
    And now, after a few hours of melt & quiet, it’s started adding a little misty drizzle>Uber fine not-quite-snow stuff. Omg, ENOUGH already!

    • I counted on it this year because yes, its the 3rd year now that the snow/cold has come early, I pulled gardens early, worked things early.. yes heavy wet snow.. and I am just Winter is here.. We have Christmas snow.. Big Fat Flakes Drifting down, its pretty to be honest. I am reminding myself that it does not no go to fight climate change.. what I can do is adapt. Ps.. did you at least enjoy that first pretty snow covered landscape..

  4. Widdershins says:

    You’re right there’s absolutely no point, ‘fighting’ climate change, we’re way past that, it is all about adapting to what is, and changing our behaviours so that in a generation or two it’ll stop getting worse and balance out.

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