Rabbits need to chew

On the farm, at times, I have apple, or crabapple branches available for the rabbits but not enough for a fresh branch weekly per pen to meet the rabbits chewing needs, enter willow.. I have a couple wonderful willow bushes in my one swamp and they meet my year round needs for providing the rabbits with fresh hard chewing. 

If you have rabbits, you can meet a fair amount of their needs on the farm, raither then spending money at the feed or pet store. I grow a patch of wild greens that is harvested all season long for extra greens for the rabbits, I use the willow or fruit if I have it for the chews, I give extra’s from the garden in moderate amounts, I like to provide a small amount fresh raw sunflower seeds in the winter when its very cold for the extra fat in their diet, which can be grown during the summer and stored for the winter use.

All of these extra increase the health of the rabbits and decrease the costs of feed.

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