Canada’s Plant Hardiness Site

Canadian Native Plant zoning

Very Useful information indeed. A big Thank you to the Canadian Government for this site..

Plant Hardiness Zone by Municipality


This map puts my homestead firmly in the 5a zone which is both true and not.. like most folks I have area’s that are colder, more frost prone, higher wind and I have other area’s that are warmer microzones and I can grow and have produce one zone warmer. 

Still as a base starting point its a useful tool because as we often see in so many of the seed catalogs or the online versions that they just stop at the USA line and we are just this blank.  Its not often that you get not just the basic zone but can look up your town as well.

The seed catalogs are coming in now, I know they are arriving in mass to my mail box and I expect yours as well. The best selections will be had in the next 4 to 6 weeks of buying. I went thought a crazy amount of seed last year due to the weather, in some cases I replanted some rows 3 to 5 times. 

Today I finished my seed shopping, allowing me to get a overall 5% discount code and as I got in time for the deal, free shipping on my order. Check your catalogs when they arrive for their codes and use them to save some money! 

Even for me that is a lot of seed of some of my most common planted, add in this year that I want to try and beat the weeds by planting food producing plants in every single nook and then pull and harvest it as needed even if for fodder as the more desired plants grow and need more space.  

To say that I intend to overplant is a understatement and then some.  My indoor greenhouse and my outdoor greenhouses will be in full swing for early starts this year,  I do not expect to have much of a spring, I fully expect we will go from cool/cold spring to summer heat  YET AGAIN! and that means head starts for some things, insane mulching for others, and in ground seeding on some things with covers for others. 

If its going to be as hot I expect it will be at certain times this year, do consider looking hard at your yard and gardens and spot your half shade areas, these will be a very good thing when it comes to the heat and certain plants.  I know, I know, we all want full sun for so many of the gardens but I am telling you as the climate changes, we are going to find our half shade 60/40 is about perfect, lots of morning sun ideally with afternoon shade is going to be a much wanted garden spot!

Have fun with your seed catalogs, due check your zoning, it is moving, work on finding or making your microclimates and spot and plan to use your different shade zones in your yards. 


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5 Responses to Canada’s Plant Hardiness Site

  1. valbjerke says:

    Still waiting for my seed catalogs….sticking with the basics this year. Our season is so unpredictable these past few years it’s hard to predict what to plant and where. Soil condition is more critical than ever…I’ll be over at my neighbors come spring for well aged horse manure to dig in.

    • Hopefully your seed catalogs arrive soon, I have ordered more hybreds for this coming year then I ever have but because I know I am not planning on seed saving from them, I am quite comfortable working with them in the short term. You are quite right on the soil condition being SO critical, enjoy that good horse manure, I will be bring a wagon loads to be dumped in spots to do rapid turns and use in place for a good amount of horse this year. Last years big pen for the sheep is just going to be planted into squashes and let go wild!

    • I do envy you that horse manure! I used to use it all the time in NZ

  2. I do find that our planting dates have become so unreliable with the fluctuating temps. We no sooner get everything out than there is a nasty frost! So I do double sowings in the glass house so we have back up! John already has his tomato seeds. Bless him!

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