Well didn’t see that coming, what a Flu!

I was certainty hoping to share amazing wonderful Christmas related content this week, so here is your cute kitten and dear hubby photo lol


This was my most popular backdrop an set up for my photography sessions and I am sure you can see why that Christmas Red Truck looks just amazing and I adore this photo of Dear Hubby being my Model while I worked the lighting and of course Sir Lazslo the Catling just adds to the photo in such a sweet way.  I have a goal in mind to take more photo of both of us over the coming year and yes that includes me.. 


I can’t say that I like this one as much as others have but I will share it none the less.  This was a different backdrop and a lovely friend took my camera and took this for me.  I have decided that I need to be a bit more willing to do some of my own, not always hiding behind the camera. 

So I caught type A influenza and I went from my quiet putter with naps slowly feeling better, getting stronger, to hey its tuesday, I feel off and tired, huh, to weds, I have a stuffy nose and sore throat, think I might be getting a cold, to thursday in bed sicker then can be to early friday morning calling 911 and being rushed to the emerg and coming into day 4 of full isolation unit, and a crazy host of amazing drugs, Iv’s and life giving 02, which at one point got up to 10mil/liter which trust me is higher then they want and I was weaned off and down but will still be on for a good number of days yet.  

I hope to be out by the end of the week or at least by early next week, fingers crossed yes.  As the nurses say, I am young and I am strong and I am responding well (all true) but that I need to be careful and slow as this local version has hit like a freight train and it hit me but good. 

Now sometimes things do come with silver lines and in this case, the wonderful doctor I got took a good hard look at my files and said, where did you move from and I went hmm,  and she is like, I can only find issues going back over the past two years and then nothing,  

Me, ah, I didn’t move here, I have been here coming on 20 years this spring and the reason it only goes back that far is because that’s when I started needing help.. to which she went hmm..  shit certianly hit the fan health wise for you.. 

So the good news is that she has order a host of checks, tests, ultrasounds and CT scans and so on to do a full work an check up moving off what was done in aug/sept when I was in the hospital last time in an out twice with covid and my first Asthma attack.

Its not a bad thing to have these things checked and done and to get at a min full on baselines, ability to compare now to three months ago and maybe some answers. 

Not quite how I planned on spending my time this close to christmas, but you take each day as it comes!

I truly hope none of you my dear readers gets this flu and if you do, get care promptly if you can. For all my healthy readers out there, have a wonderful week indeed. 

PS, a big thank you to all the nurses and doctors and health support staff in all ways that are coming in daily and getting it done.. Bless you all!

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2 Responses to Well didn’t see that coming, what a Flu!

  1. valbjerke says:

    Love to see you in front of the camera! Fingers crossed you’ll be home soon 🙂

  2. Oh dear – praying you are better soon!

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