Finally! The Maverick


Well, after close to full years wait, our truck finally arrived on the farm. So far, we have been very pleased with it, Its already done loads of feed, hauled in loads of different items for planned winter projects, the cover has been taken off and loaded up with crates and turkeys to be hauled to the butcher. 

Yes, this year both the chickens and the turkeys went to be butchered off farm because my health and related issues have made that this was the better choice. I have mixed feelings on it to be honest. It was one of those times my wants (home butcher has many factors I perfer) that crashed hard against get it done.  Its very much been a get it done year.

The birds are a prime example of get it done.  I didn’t raise slow growers, I didn’t raise heritage, I bought White Meat chicks and I had them all done at 9 weeks right to the day, I didn’t buy or hatch or raise heritage turkeys support small local breeders this year, I bought Mini Classic Turkey mix sex pullets from Freys and I took them in to be done at 12 weeks to the day. 

We had a very good year, I have heard from a lot of other folks they did not, they had bad losses, I am honestly not sure why. We did not, we had no chick issues, we had no leg or heart issues, we had very small loss only during a storm where we lost power for days and the very weakest chicken went due to the lack of heat lamp.  It was no surprise to me that the inspectors, look at mine and told me that they were outstanding birds and that they passed with flying colors. Nice to hear I guess but much more important that I know it. 

We only raised spring and fall this year for fowl, you can’t successfully raise without issues and or planning for it in the heat and even with trees and pasture and more, I know a number of local folks that pasture/free raise that had summer heat loss. They will learn, either move the raising times or buy more babies and budget in the heat deaths on the bottom lines.

the small car is still the best choice for gas, and it is a lovely tiny hatchback and can be used for a number of things when packed right.  We had the old car hauled away for scrape and so the farm is going into winter and the coming years with two new or newer vehicles.  Both are in many ways bare bones in terms of fancy stuff and that suits us just fine, less issues to break ideally. 

As the local dealerships are starting to fill in the back orders, we have also seen a crazy rash of vehicle thefts to the point that they are recommending that you put your cheaper or less likely to be taken vehicle to block in the new ones, clean out your garage and put your vehicle in it, local your gates and so on.  So far, our little truck is not on the published most wanted list thankfully.

We will see how it does on its first winter and coming year. So far so good.  I will admit that I am glad that we should be set for a good while now as I feel that the coming years will not be a good time to find a good deal on a second hand locally or at the dealerships.



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