Sunset River Dog Photography


We are lucky enough to have a number of creeks but also the South Nation river just down the way from the farm, we can access it with some difficulty (due to the crazy steep bank down directly behind the farm and across the farmers field. 


Having said that there are a number of places within a very short drive from the farm that have easier river access and this one is even drive in boat drop off point for heading up the river for fishing and such..    In the evening, the sunsets and casts its long points of fab color over the river, we have had cool enough nights that bugs are not near as bad.. if you do not bring the dogs and are quite, this is a good fishing spot and you can often see and hear them jumping!

The only thing jumping on this trip was Uther, when he came to the farm on his very first day, he walked himself into the pond and got out on his own but became a touch leary of the water..  Let me tell ya, we have spent ages trying to make him “like” deeper water and to learn to swim willingly..   Its taken us a year and half to get a water loving lab to the point that he SWIM’s! Whoot!

We are working on switching him from stick to dummy and from Dummy to waterfowl dummy.. its coming..  We have been Ultra careful with him and rules around the livestock, since the newborn duckling issue..  and he has been so SO good.. then last week he snagged a 9 week or so duckling.. but he didn’t bite down, when he spit it out, it was shocked and bit wobbly but he gave it to Hubby without a mark on it.. drool yes.. and he is getting better and better at the “soft” carry.. I must DNA him at some point to find out what the little bit of Extra is in the mix.. 


It was a joy to see him working with Hubby, his return was excellent and we did some find it work, some directional training work and he never came back empty even if he did have to swim around and then listen and look when we gave him help..  Go Left buddy! Ok, swimming left.. Found it! Happy boy.. 

His coat feels so much better after a good hard swim soak and he has that otter tail down pat for help on steering, he is built like a tank let me tell you.. he is one power house of a dog. 

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