Ready, Set, Go Plant those Pepper Seeds (zone 5)


This year I am growing West Coast Seeds King of the North Sweet Pepper.

68 days green, 90 days red. Large beautiful fruits that are bell shaped. Great producers in our short growing season. I ordered the seeds in 2020 garden season and much to my surprise they are not carrying them this year.. all the more reason to plant this crop together and seed save these for future use and local offerings.

I did see with a quick google search that other smaller suppliers still have them but ouch on the price.. 20 seeds for 4.95.. I will keep you posted on them.. and will be doing a end of year round up on the different plants and yields.

Do you grow the King of the North, sweet pepper? Tell me all about it! What I am really interested in is, height and spread of the plant?

If you are growing hot peppers, Ideally those seeds went into their trays and on the heat mat in the past two weeks! but if you are starting your Sweet Peppers, you are not late!.. Starting from March 1st to March 15th puts right on the path..

I am starting a total of 48 sweet peppers, a mix of three kinds..

The short fun one is the mixed mini bells, the seed is old, its from OSC (Ontario Seed Company) and its been used half this year and half next year as I need to refresh my seed stock.. its a very short (2 foot or so) pepper plant that is indeed a mix of colors and they produce peppers no bigger then 3 inches and they are ready to go, they are fresh eating/salad pepper.. Kids love them!

I am planning on popping mine into “edges” in the Walk on the wild side food forest and seeing how they do, with a few going into the “Guest Garden” for lots of early fresh eating peppers.

Last but not least is Early Calwonder from OSC, the workhorse of the peppers, this study 30 inch(give or take a bit) plant has been around since 1945 and still going strong.. its the standard bell shape, very thick fleshed and sweet green that turns red.. Not a massive pepper when compared to the store at 4 inches long with 3 to 4 inches wide but its a great producer.

I will be putting the Calwonder into the hill garden in the front yard and the king of the north is going intot he Gate Garden in the side yard.. but I will still be needing to do some extra work to make sure there is not crossing over.. then again, I might choose to do a cross over betwen the king of the north and calwonder and grow them out and see what comes of the cross 🙂

No hot peppers are planned for the year, we have lots dried in storage, canned and if I want a few I know where to go to buy them locally.

So are you a earlier zone and your plants are up and going? Are you close to my zone and have you started or are you starting in mid-march? Waht are you going this year?

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5 Responses to Ready, Set, Go Plant those Pepper Seeds (zone 5)

  1. Silver says:

    I haven’t started anything yet as such, we don’t really have anywhere we could start propagating early ><
    I bought some nasturtium seeds this week, they did amazingly well and with a minimum of care. I think I will also plant chard and beetroot again, and may well try carrots again this year.

  2. Amanda says:

    I grow King of the North and have for at least a decade. I’ve been saving my own line of this variety since 2012ish. I grow them in containers so my spread and hight are probably different from in ground grown plants. That said, I’d guess they probably get to about 24-30 inches tall with a spread of 18-24 inches. I’ve never actually measured their dimensions, so this is just a guess. They can be nicely supported by an ordinary tomato cage. I normally start them in mid March, but last year on a whim I started some extras in Mid April and I still got some red ( and some green) peppers off of those late started plants. I don’t find the peppers to be as large as grocery store peppers.

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