Dollar store Challenge Day 2

Breakfast : 2 fruit cups and one tin of kippers black Coffee with sugar.

I had slept well but woke woggy and fog headed, my body is not happy with something I eat yesterday as my fingers are swollen, I can tell that my whole body feels heavy and cranky..  I do reaction this way to MSG so I am guess there is some in the beans and franks.

The fruit in the cups is delightful but again so sweet, its in what we canners would call heavy for the syrup.. I poured it into a glass, added water and drank my fruit sugar water.  The kippers are as always good.. and I am so glad I bought 4 tin.. I remember thinking 4 might be to many and now I can see, should have got more.

I have already figured out that I have made a mistake, I should have gotten more of the knorr brand dry soup mixes and less of the tinned food..  while I did not have milk for some of the choices, there were a number of the soups blends that work with water..

I remember thinking.. I can have a bit of freedom with the tins, not needing to cook.. boy was that a mistake.. BIG mistake!

Silver over at Silveryew has posted her day one.. Go check it out! loved her use of jam on oatmeal!

Hip Roof has her  and H’s Day on up as well. I liked that she baked and that bread and butter..  H’s meals look great!

I spent the morning breaking down the back half of a pig into what will be ham’s, roasts, pork chops, stew meat, sausage grind and fat to be rendered as well as split pea ham bones for canning up soup.


I enjoyed my bitter black sweet coffee but looked at my basket and  passed on snacks..  However by 1 for lunch I was hungry.. I took out can of my mild chili and opened and stuck my spoon in and tasted it.. hmmm.. not bad.. 4 out of 10.. into the pot it goes.. and my head goes hmmm.. its got flavour.. got back to my basket.. grab a can of the beans and weaners, add it to the chili.. then grab the can of mushrooms, open, turns out its whole mushrooms, diced them into bits using half the can.. add a little pepper to the whole brown mess of beans, simmer it slow till fully heated up.

And its not bad! Its my lunch and I enjoyed two small bowls of it..


I am going to take the leftovers and add half a can of pea’s to it, reheat and call it supper, wishing once again that I had rice or instant potato’s or bread to go with my stew..  Its tasty and its hot and I force myself to eat it..    my tummy is upset with me.. its rolling but good!

Big old coffee so good!

So the girls really broke down their costs and calories..  so today I will go a little more detailed and I will update the Day 1 post as well


The day’s foods

  • -Kipper 150 calories
  • fruit cups x 2 140 Calories
  • chili 424 Calories
  • Beans 520 Calories
  • Mushrooms -30
  • Coffee-Sugars -120

Total  1384 calories

Cost Today is 6,50 cents.

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7 Responses to Dollar store Challenge Day 2

  1. Silver says:

    Well done for Day 2. I thought the same like you – when I was carrying my stuff home, I was thinking that I wish there were more sachets and bags available of dry stuff. Canned food is heavy and if we were in an evacuation, we would need stuff we could carry with us.
    I was contemplating making porridge with water, so was v pleased when I found the milk for it ^_^

  2. Great idea you had there adding the syrup from your canned fruit to the water. I might try that today. Like Silver, I carried all my food home on foot and ya, I’m not running away from any zombies with all that weight on my back.
    I am also glad that today is the last day. I’ve learned so much – mainly along the lines of what not to do or buy :).

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  4. valbjerke says:

    I’ve a sneaking suspicion your comments button is MIA again…..cannot comment on pandemic pigs.

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