Dollar Store Challenge Day 3

I woke up today knowing that it was the last day of the challenge, that my basket had lots of food in it still and that if I was to ever do this again, that I would shop for it very carefully and differently.  If hip roof barn decides to do it again.. I have thoughts on it that’s for sure.

Well, that upset tummy meant that I was up for a while in the night if you know what I mean folks..  So lesson number one learned..  while you can go from eating a low sugar, low carb, high fiber, fresh organic home raised fruits and veggies, grass fed farm raised meat, fresh eggs and raw milk to store crap.. but you will pay for it..

Not just in tasting the chemical’s in the food, not just in tasting the difference between sugar and corn syrup in the food vs the non-gmo sugar or local honey i normally use. or my local maple syrup..

Really if you have to go from eating whole foods to some of the lower cost foods, this is not the way to do it!  H and hip roof and even silver did so much better because they were able to find rice, grains, dried beans and oatmeal at their dollar stores..  This is where I would start if I could do it again.. at the most basic of whole foods you can get and I would go with as much dried food as possable

I saw that Hip Roof made a soup on day 2 with one of my favorite soup blends and she didn’t much care for it..  now this is a blend I keep in the house always, I throw a handful in soups, stews, even chili at times, I use it in my canning jars, a heaping tbsp added in dry with 1 cup of mixed veggies with 3/4th cup of ground meat, and broth over and pressure can and go.. its a staple here.. but I stopped and thought about it, as it was cooked in a broth, it was done in a way as a side dish, ok, a bit of a soupish side dish.. and no on its own, I can see why she got it down and went nope..   I can’t see myself wanting to eat as a solid full only it in broth meal either.. totally understand..

Hubby is sitting across from me enjoying bacon and eggs with homemade cheese.. fresh yogurt and blueberries.. sigh..  I am still holding off because other then meat and kippers I do not want anything in there..

This honestly could be a water/coffee breakfast type day..


Ok so my official breakfast was the tin of salmon and the rest of the canned pea’s.. I fried them up in the coconut oil with salt and pepper..  It was one of the  better meals I have had so far.. but kippers are still the favorite!

Snack- Apple cup

Lunch -One can of the mushest aspagus spears Blended with almond milk, a tsp of coconut oil and 2 heaping tsps of cheese whiz with lots of black pepper and salt to taste.

All blended together and simmered till hot? Not bad.. not bad at all..  it was tasty .. I give a solid 5.5 out of 10..  so far we are doing better today for meals..

supper -Mixed the rice pudding with the tapioca pudding and the last two fruit cups and added a little salt and pepper and eat it cold!

Hubby chopped up onions, peppers, mushrooms and more beef and used up the last can of chili with extra spices added..  lol

For sure a costly day of eating..

Breakfast  Salmon 1.50 Peas 1.00

lunch – Aspurgus 1.25, .75 worth of almond milk .50 worth of cheese whiz

Supper -Rice 1.25, Tapico 1.50, fruit cups X 2 83 cents

Apple cup .35 cents

Coffee 1.00

Total cost for the day 9.45 cents.

Calories 2480 for the day..

I still have a number of things left in my basket! It was a learning curve for sure and I can’t say that I am glad to have eaten like this for the 3 days but it was eye opening thats for sure..

The biggest thing I learned is that if I was to do this again, I would pick totally different food items..   there was box’s of a “oatmeal bar with fake strawberry jam in the middle: and I would get two boxes of them for a total of 8 bars, eating two or even three if needed for my breakfast with coffee and sugar.. lunches and suppers would be dried veggie based knorr soups, and I would have gone and bought 6 or 8 of the little seseme seed snaps..   Maybe it would not have been as “balanced as I tried for” but it would have been easier to get, healthier in the long run and had much less chemicals..

I can all the time, I do not understand why the canned food was so poorly! but its done!

Do not forgot to head over to Hip Roof Barn or Silver to see their updates for day two and day three..


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