Dollar Store Challenge Day 1

Breakfast :Coffee, Rice Pudding and Apple Sauce.

So first off almond milk is grey.. milk should not be grey.. and its thick and odd textured, I gagged trying to drink it as is.. however in a coffee its like a almondish milk flavour.. it fine and if I get tired of it, a will just drink my coffee sweet and black!

** I have tried twice.. forget it.. I will drink black with sugar.. I expect that the almond milk will stay on the shelf in the fridge till the 18th and then go to the dogs on their food maybe.. or the compost pile.. yuck!!! I drink fresh raw milk, I would raither go without!

Hubby kindly left me bacon (which I could not have lol, so he eat it) and I opened my first of two tins of rice pudding.. its good but o my gosh sweet.. so freakin sweet, so I went and got a half cup of unsweetened apple sauce and put it on top and mixed it to help cut the sweet..

*clearly I am getting used to my no sugar meals because that was just wow!

After chores I came in very much wanting more.. my body was like.. protein so I had a can of kippers.. hit the spot, a bit salty and smoked lightly.. so good..

So it was pointed out to me that I had gotten a larger package of short bread style cookies in small package on this shopping trip and from the food isle, I had gotten them so I would have premade safe each person could have their own for my big pig butcher day but only one package was used, leaving 7 that are whole and as they were bought in the food isle and in the same trip, that they came home as part of the basket.. I am going to take it.. it gives me something to put my cheese whiz lol  its a sweet shortbread type UK cookie so its odd to think about using it in place of a more normal savory type cracker.. but its doable..

lunch -1 can of beans an franks..  I had high hope to enjoy these cold.. nope, for sure they need to be heated and bland is the word..  so I took out my salt and pepper which had been a package.. between the two, its better but once i could open them, I would like to point out that the salt is only 3/4th full and the pepper is only 50 percent full. this was covered up by the packaging and I can honestly say that when I buy salt or pepper at the regular stores.. its a full shaker..  is this dollar store thing.. package in the right size but not fill it? seems shady to me for sure!

Today we have had sleet, freezing rain, hail, and rain.. but we got alot done in the yards none the less.. so I am beyond grateful for hot coffee and just hot water to sip..

After a afternoon of working outside around 4, I was tired and cold.. and went to bed.. slept though dinner, work up at 9:30..  so no supper..

!0pm, second half of the rice pudding from breakfast and water..

Putting me at 4.75 for meals costs today and 1 fruit portion, no veggies.. meat and carbs and way to much sugar! FUN!

On the end of day one, I can honestly say I did eat enough to feel full but I did not enjoy eating from the cans, I did not enjoy not being able to adjust my seasonings.. and I am being reminded just how spoiled I am with my farm fresh food..

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10 Responses to Dollar Store Challenge Day 1

  1. I cannot imagine going from farm fresh to packaged dollar store!

    • Honestly so far, the only thing I have liked is my coffee lol.. the apple sauce tastes like chemicals and sugar, the rice pudding was so sweet it felt like candy, and the beans and franks, I have never tastes such fat bland.. but I did love my kippers.. and that almond milk.. what is that stuff.. its not milk.. I mean I am sure if you mixed it with fruit and made a smoothie you could use it.. but not as milk.. I mean raw whole milk is so different and sheeps milk is different from cow but to go from whole raw grass fed milk to canned almond shelf stable milk.. ahhhh.. my body is not happy with me, and I am craving fresh veggies and its only been one day lol

  2. Silver says:

    Ohh bless you at least you’ve tried the almond milk now. Thankfully you can still have your coffee black so that’s a bonus. How shady is that salt and pepper – if I buy a container I’d expect it to be more than half full! I must admit I bought food I knew had some flavour in them but I would still have loved to have salted and peppered my soup I had today.
    Here’s hoping day 2 will be better ^_^

  3. I love my cow milk so I hear you on the almond milk. It is weird. I have used it in a couple of baked things (muffin mix and my baked oatmeal this morning). It seems okay to bake with.

    And OMG the sweetness of some of the packaged stuff! I have a very large sweet tooth and some of the stuff is over the top.

    Here’s hoping Day 2 will be better for you. Thanks for sticking in there.

  4. Did you get the Everyday Table Shakers? I just looked at mine. There is tiny print on the lable that says that the shakers contain 3.75 oz of salt and 1 oz of pepper. I weighed mine (the containers weigh 0.65 oz) and that is correct. However, 1 oz of pepper in this size of shaker does mean that the container that is mainly full of air. So ya, a little misleading.

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  6. valbjerke says:

    I canโ€™t imagine doing a dollar store food challenge! I would rather not eat ๐Ÿคข
    Well except for the kippers – love those things!! There must be some Scandinavian in your genetics ๐Ÿ˜Š

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