Happy Halloween.. Some Treat Ideas for you!

Its All Hallow’s Eve today..

Here are a few adorable idea’s for your party.. the things I loved about these are that you are not “buying” things to make the mood that will only be used once for a event but instead are things you can eat.

This came across my feed from the local fruit express.. they called it mummy wrapped lol.. Banana’s dipped, chipped and then made into mummies.. Who would not want to try one of those! Adorable!

I thought this one was good as well.. that’s a black bagel as the handle, if you can not find one in the store, you could color one up pretty easy enough with food coloring if you wanted to do so. I am not sure what they used as the top lip.. but I its not needed to make it work.. just the pumpker nickel bread and the handle would get the job done for you..  Simple, cute and ideally little to no waste! and what would  be left could be put in the compost.

But lets go to a blast from the past..  Honestly to me at least..

The humble Popcorn ball is the king of the Halloween treat!

I know this recipe by heart! (now wait, someone in my family will call or test me to tell me that they did it just a bit different lol)

  • Half a cup of margarine (if you are going to use butter and you can, you need to work with a slower lower heat.. but tradionally in the 80’s.. this was made with margarine)
  • 30 large plain white marshmellows
  • 12 to 14 cups of popcorn
  •  1 tsp vanilla
  •  orange food coloring (but you don’t have to)

Pop your popcorn and put in a big bowl..

In a pot on the stove, put your margarine at a low-mid heat 4 to 5 (with six being middle on the dial) and once the bottom is covered in melted, start counting out your marshmellows..  then taking a wooden spoon, start stirring.. and you keep stirring slowly.. but you don’t stop.. this is a stand by the stove process.. and it will melt and work into a shiny goo.. once about half melted.. lower the heat to 2 or 3 and keep stirring it as the rest of the marshmellows melt..

Now this is fast part.. take pot off heat. add in vanilla, blend fast to mix it in.. then pour back and forth on the popcorn, stick the wooden in the popcorn bowl and grab a licker and scrap out all the tasty melty goo from your pop.. then get in the sink and fill it with water (do not let it sit and harden!)

While the pot in the sink is filling with water, grab that big wooden spoon and stir the marshmellow into the popcorn.. be fast, once is cools to much it will stir though properly..

Put a little butter on your hands and clean off the wooden spoon, the butter will make it come right off.. then butter those hand and make the balls, take out appox a soft ball sized clump and make it a ball, set down on waxed paper to cool and firm fully up..

Can be served as is, can be used to create a tree or levels, or put them on sticks.. back in the day they went into baggies and where given out as our house’s trick or treat.. back when people made their treats!

When kids could still know who’s house they came to and were allowed to eat homemade treats..

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4 Responses to Happy Halloween.. Some Treat Ideas for you!

  1. Susan says:

    Mmmm…Grandma’s popcorn balls…the best! Mine never taste as good as hers did.

  2. Hey COOL V!! These sound like the directions for Rice Crispy Squares only using popcorn instead! Definitely going to do this one, thanks!: )

  3. And the Hallowe’en Spinach Dip in a Cauldron? AWESOME idea!♥️

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