Happy National Cat Day

Smudge.. The youngest of the Purr Pride

Just a touch older then Smudge (Half-Siblings) is Jimmy Kitten

LeeLoo is the next oldest.. she says I just turned one not long ago.. and I am still very much a teen kitty in all ways!

Next up is Patrick above, 3 coming 4 now.. and below is his littermate sister Faith..

A year old coming 5 is Sofie  The oldest female on the farm.. she is a huge hunter but also the biggest flop, drop and roll.. but its all for show.. DO NOT PET THAT BELLY LOL

catNext we jump over to our older boys.. Henry might be new to the farm having only been here a year this fall, since he was re-homed. But he is 8 this year..

Sunny Cat was 5 to 7 in age when we got him and that was 5 years ago.. man time fly’s so that makes him 10 to 12 in age this year..

This is a great balance for the amount of hunters we need on the farm.. different cats have different zones they hunt in and some are more garden hunters, pasture hunters, two others hunt the big barn and a number hunt the croft and around the house..

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6 Responses to Happy National Cat Day

  1. Silver says:

    Happy cat Day Val. Gosh I didn’t realize you had so many cats, they are very lucky to have you both and the farm to roam! They are all cute but Smudge’s eyes really got me in the first Photograph. What a stunning look. ^_^

    • Its a good number to be sure.. I have had times where I have had more.. sometimes folks drop off expecting cats and I do not find them in time to get them fixed before kittens.. Sometimes the stray’s or drop off’s arrive and stay at least until I can figure out if I can rehome them. Other times I get semi-ferals.. I have trapped a few and altered them and put them back in the barns.. sometimes they stay and sometimes they leave but I have done the best I can for them.. fixed them, treated them at the time.. A couple of the current cats are “rescue”.. henry came because his owners where selling their farm and as he is a outside most likely cat did not want to try him as a indoor only town cat.. Sunny Cat came home as he came with a rented farm down the way and the renter was planning on putting him down as he was a intact male, so I offered to take him instead (and then altered him myself) and Sofie came as a older kitten but it was “here winter is coming, take the kitten or ??, it was implied that there was would be a cull so they only had to “feed” the few adult female cats).. She is a lovely cat but I do consider her a rescue as well.. However the others were very much chosen by us.. I am hoping this group will be with us for many years to come!

    • Ps, I love that photo of Smudge as well.. It was just the right lighting and such..

  2. Susan says:

    Oh, Patrick! I really must do a painting of him one day. Is his personality at all comparable to his fuzzy, fluffy image?

  3. Widdershins says:

    Kittehs everywhere! 😀 … what a glorious congregation of cats! 🙂

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