Lets get ready to Rumble!

Good Ol’ JR:

It’s the main event, ladies and gentlemen! In one corner of the yard, weighing in at about a hundred pounds, we’ve got Sheepy. In the other corner, weighing in at-

Jason: No.

Good Ol’ JR: …more than a hundred pounds, Jason the shepherd. We’re gonna have a real slobberknocker here, folks – Sheepy’s snuck under the fence, come up in four foot high reeds, and is wrapped up in barbed wire. Jason’s gonna have to cut him out and get him back in the pasture to score the win.

Here’s Jason now, moving in along the fence line with the wire cutters in one hand. Sheepy having none of that, he’s got some room to lunge and dodge and he evades Jason like Jason’s standing still. Jason goes in for the one-handed grapple but has to watch the wire. Sheepy going back and forth now.

Jason goes in again now, but Sheepy ducks around him. Oh, he trailed wire around Jason’s boot and pulls him down like an AT-AT on Hoth. Sheepy stands triumphant but wait, Jason’s on top of the wire and Sheepy doesn’t have slack to move away.

Here’s Jason with the ground game now! One leg behind Sheepy’s forelegs, one over his back! He pulls down Sheepy and locks in the figure-four! Here come the wire-cutters. One! Two! Three! Cuts and Jason pulls the wire away! Now he’s up with Sheepy and levers him over a low spot of the fence for the win!

Sheepy: I was robbed! Moooooooom!

Ps, Lamb was fine.. the wire was caught up in its very thick wool!.. in fact hubby got the poke of a barb more.. but in the end.. both came out just fine!

While hubby wrote this out in a very funny way.. the truth is.. its never funny when you find a animal caught in a fence.. and you need to act both fast and safely.  Thankfully this all ended well but it can go wrong..

Farmgal Tip.. Know where your wire cutters are at all time.. and if you have things “walk” often.. put a pair in a hidden spot that you know will be backup to grab them and go!

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4 Responses to Lets get ready to Rumble!

  1. LOL! I’m glad there was a happy ending.

  2. Sheri says:

    I’m going to tell you a real short story that still breaks my heart to this day. My dad & I rescued the sweetest little strawberry roan 3 year old Mustang filly back in the early 1970’s and we named her Sheba. She was kept on a bone-dry pasture with no feed or water and she was slowly dying. My dad and I struggled to trailor her because she was so weak and when we got her home she hit our green pastures and ate non-stop for 72 hours. I woke in the middle of the night to hear her rip that grass, snort & munch. She was the sweetest, kindest soul I had ever met…..and one day I sold her so I could have a larger horse. The judges in my 4-H said I had outgrown her and needed a larger animal. I sold her to my High School Art teacher and his children…and they put her in a pasture that was not safe for her…and she got tangle in loose barbed wire and almost completely severed her hind leg. According to the Art teacher, a local Cowboy he knew shot her to put her out of her misery and they dumped her down a old gold mine shaft. I never forgave myself for selling her to a family that “didn’t take care’ of her needs. I will never forget her and I hope she is there when I stand at judgement before our Creator. She had & has “rights” too. We are to be responsible for the animals we take as “ours” and even when we pass them on…. we should make sure they are truly cared for. I can’t imagine Heaven without Sheba in it.

    • Hi Sheri, I have see what barb wire can do over the years and it can and is dangerous to both animal and human at times.. I am truly sorry for the loss of your horse and I am sure, she will be waiting for you.. I know the point of the story.. I get it.. won’t stop me from using barbwire in certain ways but I do get it..

      If the lamb had not broken out of the “sheep” area, it would not have had access to the barbwire on the none sheep area, and it would not have gotten stuck.. thankfully its wool was thick enough that it didn’t even get a scratch really, unlike my hubby who took a good cut getting the lamb out. the land around us was run with cattle and cattle means Barbwire..

      I am sorry you did not see the humor in the story.. I respect your right to point out “what could have happened” if it had gone badly…

  3. Widdershins says:

    Heh! Very clever. 😀 … glad it all turned out well for both of them.

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