Challange in sept.. ??

Man, there are great challenges in sept.. Crafty is doing a wartime ration challenge, that I will join for at least a meal o two.. I will be cheering on the side..

Then Silver just announced her challenge which is eating only reduced or yellow sticker items for the month…

so makes me want to do one to get me back in writing mode.. but I must be honest.. I do not think I can do that.. so how do I take my love of 30 day blogging challenges and pick something I can do..

maybe related to timbit somehow?

Weight control?


Fitbit tracking?

hmm should it be timbit related? things there are very day by day .. so maybe something else..

thinking cap on..

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9 Responses to Challange in sept.. ??

  1. Nicola says:

    When I lived in the UK, a yellow sticker challenge would just be “eat as normal” ,pretty much. The reductions there were so fantastic. I lived a 20 minute walk from a huge grocery store and would often take an evening walk just to see what the rock-bottom yellow stickers were today. I miss that so much. For a competent cook with wide tastes, it was an adventure every week! Here they will do 30% or, sometimes, 50%, but mostly on fruit and they don’t discount until it is almost inedible. :-(. There must be so much food waste from them not doing discounting. I know you love your challenges, and I hope you will take it easy on yourself for this round. In your shoes, something like “take my vitamins everyday and do some stretches” might be a high level goal for me LOL.

    • i know right, I have watched silver posting on her finds.. amazing.. we do not get that in our area.. very limted space given, most things pulled to the back and thrown out rather then reduced.. some places still just pack it up and off to the local farmer that pcks it for livestock food, rather then discount and worry about a issue

      there are days that I am just that in the past but normally second tri is easier then first.. i’m mulling..

    • Silver says:

      It’s always an adventure, you never quite know what you can find in the reduced section! That being said, the month should be interesting as I will only be eating YS food and nothing else. No excuse not to get creative XD

      • Nicola says:

        You might have to visit more than once! As I was so close to a giant Tesco, and there was a footpath, I would often walk down in the evening, timing it to the usual time of their final markdowns. We ate really well! Good luck with your challenge, at least many things can be frozen, so when you hit milk apocalypse day, at least you know you will be good for the month!!

  2. Mmm… Good/ helpful things to eat during pregnancy? (Important Research to pass on: )

  3. Maybe pass on things like your experience in the Detergent/ Cleaning Aisle? DEFINITELY good for others to have a head’s up before they need it:/

  4. valbjerke says:

    Maybe some of that stellar photography you do……bet you see things differently now 😊

  5. Widdershins says:

    Not even a doughnut yet and that little timbit is turning your life upside-down. 🙂

    • Haha, you are not wrong.. I have had to turn down jobs already (I can’t walk a sheep’s pasture right now) and I have had to cancel this and that.. but right now.. I have to put timbit first.. I expect I will never get another timbit.. so I have to keep that very much in mind lol.. I know that Doughnut will rock my world and change many things.. but not the core.. the core will stay.. it might wobble a bit lol

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