Farmgal Sept Challange 2019 All or Nothing

Sept Challenge 2019..  All or Nothing..

I got some amazing idea’s here on the blog, on facebook from personal friends and on the  blog page.. Thank you to everyone who commented and gave idea’s.. it was very helpful!

I mulled it overnight and decided that there are a few key things for the coming challenge.

Post daily.. but allow myself the freedom of choice on what I post..  some day’s you might get a full post, other days, it might be a single photo.. Post once.. post as much as I want.. some days once and maybe some day’s more..

Limit the “teaching” and make it more free flowing on what is happening in my world, farm and life right now..  Now that does not mean that I might not write a post now and again that might be more here is helpful info and how to apply it.. but mostly I am just going to relax and go with the flow

Show more of my favorite things in all their messy glory.. lol..

Show my creative side.. in all the ways that can come out!

Have fun with it! All or Nothing..  anything and everything..



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6 Responses to Farmgal Sept Challange 2019 All or Nothing

  1. Silver says:

    Oooh, what an interesting challenge, I’ll be following it with interest! I really enjoyed your posts from the photo challenge from earlier in the year, maybe you could do something like that in September? Like a photo of the day?

    • Hi Silver, I am pretty sure my camera will be making appearance for sure 🙂 I like the challenge, its like giving yourself permission to say.. chuck the “blogging” rules and go back to the freedom I have for being whacky and wild and all over the place in what I write about lol

  2. Nicola says:

    Oh shoot, I had a thought overnight and now I am too late to the party!! So, a thought for future challenges: Celebrating Relationships as a theme. Opening up a broad range of opportunities to share activities, writings, photos etc each day that celebrate a relationship in your life. :-).

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