Cold Bew Carafe Sept Give-A-Way

Good Morning.. Do you like Cold Brew Coffee?

Then you will love my Sept Give A way for my tupperware group!

Sept is all about COFFEE (the fact that I can’t drink coffee right now it is not lost on me.. There is that Timbit effecting me in daily life lol)

I have ordered in some coffee flavours and I am looking forward to visiting with some folks at my coffee party’s that is coming on the farm..  Man, I love that parties can now be anything you want..  Its not my mothers home parties..

I am so excited to have this as a personal gift for a dear friend of mine who is off-grid, her machine pulls a crazy amount of power for her beloved coffee favorites.. this will allow her to get that crazy strength she likes without the power pull!

I am giving away ONE Cold Brew Carafe for those that enter from Aug 30 to Sept 30th! into the draw. When I say Free, I mean Free.. I will pay shipping/handling and tax et

How can you get in the draw? Easy and Costs you nothing but a few moments of your time…. Sorry folks Canada only! 

Join my Facebook Tupperware group and see what is up and new.. earn a ballet in the draw (you can quit the group on oct 1st if you want) and see if you win.

Have a friend that you know wants to join? Directly invite them to the group and if they join.. One Ballet in the Draw

One extra Ballet in the draw for each friend that joins the group..

NO BUYING required to enter or to WIN. Canada Wide Shipping for the prize.

Prize Value per the fall catalog $45 dollars plus tax/shipping/handling.

So if you win, you must be willing to give me your name and mailing address 🙂 Good Luck!

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