Rain.. finally Rain..

Hello Folks,

Its been busy here on the farm and like the rest of the year, I am behind.. I have been behind on so many things.. my poor little farm.. its looking very ragged at the moment.. the plants that did not get pulled, trimmed or grazed (by the normal tied out horse’s) are all massive and drooping with seed waiting to spread those different weeds..  I have  walking paths and a few tiny select area’s that have been mowed..

Even my gardens are so dearly in need of weeding and such but my focus for the energy I have is split between food processing, a combo of drying food and herbs and plants, canning sauces, soups and stews, small livestock butchering and processing in, including making bone broth, rendering fats, and canning or freezing fruits.

and the house.. just trying to keep up on the house, the soap making, the Tupperware and the Chaga sale line.. I am keeping up on the Tupperware sales and getting the items out to the folks ordering.. When I signed up for tupperware to save a massive amount of money on switching my freezers over from single use plastic’s to a product that has a lifetime (40 years if used properly) plastic.  (yes I was still not happy that its plastic but you have to pick your battles).. and I put up the first little sale on facebook and such..

I didn’t think I would get many sales but I thought.. why not share.. turns out I am not the only one searching for well built, lasts forever items and just as important, meets a number of needs.. Sales have been steady and it take me time to learn how to do things and do the back work on orders and delivery’s and so forth.

The Wholesale Soap loaf sales have also been steady and that takes a good amount of time as well to do it properly and well..

I ordered in a new sleeping pillow to help try and make my lower back feel better, and so far so good.. I don’t like the feel of it under my ear and its hot to me.. but O the relief on my back is there, the support is there and I woke up early and with a great reduction of pain..  That allow makes it worth it!

We harvested all the potato’s from the bean teepee over a few weeks, as fresh eating potato’s and the very poor kitchen garden plot 15 potato patch was full dug out this past week and only gave us around 30 pounds of spuds.. not good at all.. but better then nothing.. I do have great hopes for the good potato patches, despite the bug picking off.

The main bean teepee plants are done.. Its the first year that I planted out beans first, normally I do them in pea’s first and then beans and the beans go to frost.. but this year I planted beans and we picked and picked.. (no seed saving on these this year) and I was sad to see them stop producing in the past 10 days.. maybe due in part to drought?

Thankfully in mid july, I have replaced a new 22 foot row of a nice yellow bean and it just came on line last week, and has a crazy amount of flowers.. so hopeful that it will keep on producing for a good while.

So the rains are late.. other places have gotten the late half of aug hard rains.. but not us.. so the fact that we have light rain last night, today and ideally tomorrow.. boy do  we need it.. we have been watching our well like a hawk.. it thankfully has been holding well, its down but holding ok..

Timbit is still with us at the moment.. I have so much support from most folks (thank you again to everyone that has been positive) but I have also had some really nicely truly caring worrying going on by some folks.. I get it and I understand.. but I have also had a few folks that have gone from worried caring right on over to.. WHAT THE BLEEP? did you really just say that..

Its like so many things in life.. I am not sure why people today think they can just blurt things out.. its kind of huh? the good thing about it is that I am chill..  If they had said that in 30’s I would have been a hot raging mess.. now.. I am like.. Whatever! its not your body, your life or your home..  you really get no say in this what so ever.. the only ones who truly have a say is myself and my mate..

I find it the same as many things when you do something out of the norm.. there are those that cheer and those that go.. no you can’t do that.. what is that saying.. those that say you can’t do it, should not try and get in the way of those that ARE IN FACT ALREADY DOING it.. lol

I adore writing but I also need energy to do so.. and now that we are moving this week into the second tri, I am hoping that at least some of the never ending need for sleep will ease a touch and I will have more writing energy!

Everyone have a great day!

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9 Responses to Rain.. finally Rain..

  1. Made my first purchase(s) of Tupperware back in the late 70’s and virtually all of it’s still going strong! (Even the couple that do look a little rag-tag are still here because I couldn’t get that same item as a replacement; )
    D’you think that not growing Peas to fix nitrogen for your Scarlet Runners made any difference this year?
    Glad you’re finally getting some rain there (and hope it carries on for a good while: ) We got some more overnight as well; but temps came up overnight:/ and it’s VERY FOGGY here this morning!!

    • I know, I grew up with in the house as well, the company has been around for like 70 years.. Its amazing how many folks have stuff passed down from grandma. you are right that not everything can get a replacement as the item is not made anymore and in that case you just get a credit.. I had honestly not thought about the pea’s in regards that as I did grow pea’s there last year.. but I do think that the heat/drought helped shut them down earlier then normal.. plus I did not grow my normal beans there this year. I grew for canning and putting up so it was different ones. I am so glad I am getting some rain and I am praying for a lot more!

  2. Glad to hear that you and Timbit are still doing well. And that you are expecting rain.

  3. valbjerke says:

    I hear you on the ‘behind’….my house feels a mess, my yard looks like hell, I need to pull the honey from my bees, freeze the frames and get them ready for winter….still two or three cords of wood short, I can barely stay on top of the cheese – then just because I needed to shoot myself in the foot – we took a day trip to Ashcroft and brought back 250 pounds of Roma’s because the price couldn’t be beat 😂. Haven’t even looked at my carrots…..
    Looking forward to winter.

  4. Silver says:

    My sister swears by her Tupperware for her storage in the kitchen, and woe betide it if she lends a container and doesn’t get it back! She likes how durable they are, and it’s thus far the only brand with a large enough container for a whole bag of flour – and she’s been able to replace the lid twice.

    We have finally had some rain yesterday and today after it being a very humid and hot weekend and start to the week. Husband and the Cat have been lying flat out, staying out of the sunlight.

    People can be so inconsiderate sometimes:( I find as I grow older, my tolerance for the (inconsiderate) behaviour of others is decreasing. You know yourself best and it’s none of their business – the choices are yours to make. Glad to hear the pillow is helping a bit though.

    • Thank you Silver, I am glad you sister likes it, I find it interesting that folks talk about that different things are available in different countries.. just yesterday someone on the consultant group was talking about having family in England that she always looks at the English catalog and has them order and send stuff to her in Canada.. that made me laugh.. selling in Canada but having your cousin put a order in in England to ship to Canada.. but I learned that some things available in different markets are never seen in ours.. like in japan. they have a amazing 10 pound rice holder with this cool little portion pour thing.. I love it and would love to have one to keep my big bag of rice in.. but nope.. despite asking all over.. no one have even seen one in person here.

      Glad you got rain as well.. I totally understand about being flat out.. while I do not like the extra cost on my power bill this month, I will pay it gladly for the cool AC bedroom so that I can rest from the heat and humidity..

      As for people.. they can be a bit strange and I hear you.. behaviour norms seem to be falling to the side in so many ways..

  5. Im old-fashioned and I guess that makes me miss the old days when blurting was not appropriate and everyone was a little more formal about what they said. Everyone had tighter filters between their brains and mouths. I am glad to hear you are feeling well. Mid-second-trimester was when I felt at my peak of energy and comfort.

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