Baby’s Hatching.. New little Wee ones join the farm

Look what hatched by the pond! New baby turtles joined our farm and our new front pond! How exciting! Now we have laying and hatching native turtles in both our back pond and in our front yard pond..

Hubby had called me over as the floating plants where in bloom and as I can over to look at them.. I saw this wee striped head and went.. YES and did a mental bounce in place (I can’t bounce yet) and went.. I need my camera..!!!

It swam over and rested on the stem joining the floating plants.. hubby headed off to find some small peices of wood that he thought such a little turtle could climb and I kept watching and snapping photos.

I just love how much all the difference plants we have put into the pond are growing and thriving! Both myself, the land and the pond was grateful for the rain day taht soaked in and helped fill the pond back up a good solid 10 inches!

Then I saw the second one.. over in a different spot of the pond..Β  I think I saw a third but it appeared to have dived and then come up in the plants.

One of them found the first peice of wood and slowly and carefully made the climb πŸ™‚

Starting.. and up we go..

Pull little guy.. sink your tiny claws in!

Almost there.. took a rest and just hung out for a bit.. then finished the rest of the climb and enjoyed the sun on his log..

The wind pushed it into the plants and held it there.. but he got company.. lol..

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11 Responses to Baby’s Hatching.. New little Wee ones join the farm

  1. Silver says:

    Oh these are so cute. You are very lucky and your pond must be just the thing for these turtles! Hopefully they will return and lay eggs there.
    My brother in-law was very excited this spring as he found a newt in his pond, so we are hoping it will return next spring again ^_^

    • Hi Silver, this is the seventh year that the momma turtles have honored us with coming to the back pond to lay their little ones.. this is the first year we have had the front yard pond and I did not expect to see any for a while.. I guess I was wrong in a very good way.. We have newts in our gardens big orange and black ones.. love them. hope your brother in law’s comes back.

  2. Oh my gosh, this is the sweetest thing ever. I am a turtle lover…so adorable. Thank you for sharing this special moment, I want to visit your farm. How fun. Such a cute little guy.

  3. Richard Portman says:

    That is really great ! Thank you, this makes me happy.

  4. So cute! That made my morning. Thanks.

  5. Mary says:

    This is the absolute best photo series you have ever done! Way to go!

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