Finally Mason Bee Coon Hatching..

Everything has been so late this year, I have been holding my mason bee coons in the fridge waiting.. WAITING!

Two weeks ago, this lovely native bee was the first one that I saw..  after my ill timed for hatching three Mason that came way to early right before freezing temps and a snow storm.

What a little pretty it is

.. but while the paper wasps where out and about.. the bees were having a slower start.. still the tree’s had tons of pollen for those brave enough to be out and about..

Then a started seeing the Queen Bumbles, in the past two weeks, I have counted 7 native bees and four different kinds of bumbles! Still it was only on Thursday that finally the plums went into full bloom.

On Saturday Morning, I watch a native Mason bee female use one of the early set up Mason bee houses by the bean teepee..  This was the nod I needed.

I got the biggest Mason bee house installed and the first batch of the early spring where taken from the fridge an as you can see.. lots are hatched out and in this photo you can see the sweet little black face of a female that is in the process of hatching out 🙂

The temps are just getting high enough overnight that I should be able to hatch out the later spring mason bees as well..  They will take their time and doing their thing as the timing is right.

I am so excited to see them coming and going very soon.. Fingers cross for lots of lovely photos for you 🙂  On one plant alone yesterday, I counted five bumbles and three different kinds of native bees..  I have watched them crawling all over the honeyberries 🙂

This is a good thing for the plants that are harvestable, and this makes me sigh on the new plants that are in full bloom that I will need to pick off the fruit for this year so that the plants put that energy into the roots.. not the fruits 🙂

I am so pleased that many of the new changes that I did last year to increase my populations here on the farm are showing amazing returns this spring..  This bodes very well indeed for all the yard rebuild which is being designed to include many aspects to feed the native pollinators though all seasons.


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4 Responses to Finally Mason Bee Coon Hatching..

  1. Margy says:

    I knew I was going to be away at prime bee time, so when I left the cabin in April I put my mason bee nesting blocks out in a spot where the sun could warm them. I also put out some of my new cardboard nesting tubes. I wasn’t sure how many, but way underestimated the need. When I got home yesterday all of the tubs were full and the nesting blocks all appear to be full again. The bees must have cleaned them out themselves to make enough space. I usually do that for them when I’m home when they hatch and before they are looking for spots to lay their eggs. — Margy

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