The Gal in the Garden Series 2019 “Spring Ordering”

Let me tell you straight up that I have NEVER ordered as much off farm tree’s, bushes, plants and plant plug trays and garden veggies as I have this year.

Spring orders for 2019

  • Bare Root Fruit Tree’s
  • Bare Root Nut Bushes
  • Bare Root Fruit producing Bushes
  • Started Plant Plugs in lots of 12 or 24 plus Fruit Producing Bushes
  • Started Plant Plugs in lots of 12 to 24 in regards to “herbal use” bushes
  • Started Plant Plugs in lots of 12 to 24 in regards to “animal fodder uses or medical use for livestock”
  • Started Plant Plugs  in lots of 12 to 24 for “Herbal Tea use” and different season bee feeder plants
  • Six kinds of Seed potato’s
  • 2 kinds of Started Tomato’s
  • 4 kinds of started Pepper plants
  • A full lot of 12 started Aunt Molly Ground Cherries
  • 24 bare root Sweet Potato cuttings

That’s just the stuff that is coming off farm to the farm as each shipment date comes up.  Then there is all the early starts that I am working with..

I will be starting my own seedlings this coming week (more on that next week) and I will be doing more pruning this week.. we got the plum tree’s pruned and we will be working on the rest this week.

Ideally this weekend will bring me to the Permaculture propagation pruning’s. I will be pruning and creating a large number of High Bush Cranberry, Elderberry and Black Chokeberry cuttings.  I would like to be starting at 2 dozen of each..

Then when I get to the gooseberry and currant bushes, I hope to get at least a dozen, perhaps 2 dozen red, white and black currant cuttings to start after those bushes are pruned up.

I will be adding in some pin cherry babies this year from a friend’s farm. I will be also cutting digging and transplanting at least one more 50 plant raspberry row. I hope to gift at least another 40 to 50 this spring for someone else’s farm, along with at least 10 cuttings of red currant, high bush cranberry, elderberries and maybe a rhubarb cutting or two.

I would like to tell you that this week as been really productive garden wise but it’s just not true, we have been having more below 0 days and down to -14 to -16 nights on average.. they say that it might be warming up a bit

I have gotten some of the now “full sun” side garden along the house raked and some of the smaller rocks removed.. we placed a large piece of glass over one area to help raise the soil temp and I will plant it out and use a cold frame over the area as an early spring move the plants back and forth. I can’t plant there as we need to keep cleaning the area out, move out the rocks, and raise the height of the bed itself. I am up in the air if I need to add enough soil that I need to dig out the daylily’s or if I will just add a layer over them this year and the next couple years and build it up that way over the plants. I will share how it goes.

It’s so very strange to have a whole area of the yard suddenly be full sun, that has always been in shade since I got the farm. It means a good amount of changes in plants a ways to use those gardens.

The new garden bed to be in front of the deck will be a kitchen garden with a lot of vertical growing space being planned into it. The main plan for that garden is dead simple..

Fresh eating climbing cucumbers, cherry tomato’s, radish, green onions and some chives, and then a nice pretty front border row of flowers for a pop of color and to help bring in the bees/pollinators

It’s not so easy to figure out what I want in the small front yard garden area.. it’s not really that small either LOL but that’s its name.. the small front yard garden area because its needs to be split and understood that it’s not part of the Big front yard Permaculture style food forest/mini gardens etc

I will take some photo’s for you when it’s not under 2 plus feet of snow, nothing much to show you.. snow and more snow.. but it is slowly melting (they say we will have more snow in two days)

So I leave you with a cute little video of my Dez being a good helper farm dog, she is always willing to give a helping paw LOL

Hopefully I will have more updates by next week, at least I should have a good amount of pruning updates and start’s for propagation on cuttings



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  1. Colleen Anderson says:

    Geographically, where’re you located? Canada?

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