Farmgal’s photography March 14th

For days I have had a single wild turkey hen hanging around..

They finally found the deck feeder, dance of joy!! new flocj of sparrows are coming every day now.. and then take turns between the deck feeder and the bigger tree feeder.

Hubby called me out to see the trails in the sky in the sunsets.. wow!

and then on a different day, farmgal, if you take photos of the moon, the back lite rim at this stage will show amazing craters..

Last one for this week! the amazing thing is these were taken free hand on a cold bitter moment. I really like them and when it is warmer, I will try again with the full set up 🙂

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11 Responses to Farmgal’s photography March 14th

  1. Wow. Those are some of your best pictures yet! Especially the one of the turkey. It looks so secretive yet peaceful.

    • I love that photo.. I call it peek a poo.. the red berries the blue flush on her face.. those bright sharp eyes.. I like the moon photos as well.. working on learning my shutter speeds 🙂 Thank you for the kind comments Crafty!

  2. Marla says:

    HI Valeria,
    Love your pictures especially the first one of turkey It is so natural. Thanks for sharing.

    • I saw her fly up and that she was eating but its a far way across the yard and the sun was so low at that point, I had the worst glare.. I knew I only had a little bit of time.. so I lined it up and took a series of photos and held my break as such enough she flew down.. then I headed in to see if I had gotten what I was hoping for.. there it was.. 🙂

  3. They just keep getting better and better! : ) But what is it that she’s “hiding” behind?
    Sad to say, these super cold, crisp nights are when the skies are the clearest, so grab them while you can; )

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