My Bee’s are ordered! Mason and Leaf Cutters

Native Bee’s are Awesome. New Genetics coming by mail to join my local populations of Mason and Leaf Cutter Bees here on the farm.

My orders are in and on the way, I have big plans in regards to my Mason and Leaf Cutter bee’s  I will be increasing the size of our local population and I will also be working with local private larger scale gardeners and also community gardens in placing houses in their areas.

If all goes well, I will have Native Mason and Leaf Cutter Bee Coons available for sale in the winter/early spring of 2020 for across Canada. More on that at a later point.

Here is what I am so excited about! I ordered in a viewing house so that I can take lots of photos, and short video’s for you over the season.  You can take the clear wall off and properly clean and use this year after year. I will be looking into the gear needed to get us the best viewing and photo in this regard, I have a great Macro on my new camera for photos but I am might need a different plan in regards to getting a good quality video or two.

I have had these wonderful amazing bees working hard on the farm for years now and I firmly believe that the mason bee and the fact that you can control and stagger its hatching times is a huge part of THE answer in regards to unstable climate change in regards to small homestead/gardener when it comes to early spring pollination needs.




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10 Responses to My Bee’s are ordered! Mason and Leaf Cutters

  1. Silveryew says:

    How exciting! We used to have a Bee Cam in one of the hives the university installed, and it was always interesting to be able to tune in and see them working away ^_^

  2. valbjerke says:

    Next week we’ll be warm enough to do a hive check – I see some flying on warm days and doing housekeeping. I’m going to slide in some of last years honey frames I saved for them….and some pollen patties – we still have at least two feet of snow. Dandelions are a long way off yet and they will have been rearing brood since the solstice in December- don’t want them going hungry now. I’m happy they survived the 30 below days.

    • Glad to hear yours are doing as well as they seem to be.. I agree, there are times that I have a few things “just coming end of march/first week or ten days of april But I think everything is going to be a slower start this spring.

  3. Bees are awesome. 🙂

  4. Margy says:

    Several years ago I discovered Mason Bees nesting in a crevice on our front porch. I made nest blocks and this will be my third year of using them. I can’t see inside the tubes, but I do enjoy watching the bees zooming in and out while I sit on the porch. – Margy

    • H Margy, I love that you have a great series on these, outstanding posts and love the photos. I left you a little note about the idea of maybe guest posting that series here with lots of link backs to your site.. Maybe its something you would consider 🙂

  5. Widdershins says:

    What a treat to be able to watch them as they go about their bee-business. 🙂

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