Snow pack and Cellar Windows

Snow Pack and Melting Out

That was just one little snow storm on top that hutch that had been cleared off totally before that storm and there has been many of them, Mid-March and I have a massive snow pack on the farm..

Even with the melting we have had, the touch of rain to sink it down, its still ranging between two to four feet in most area’s, I have around a 12 to 16 inches of fencing showing.

Honestly my pasture critters could just walk over the fence if they really wanted to, thankfully they are happy to wait on the other side and have their hay, feed and water hand delivered to them 🙂

When we head out to the area’s that don’t have trails on them, you need to wear snow shoes or you will sink in, cut your legs up and have a heck of a time indeed.

The snow pack has for the first time covered up under my deck way past the Cellar window and I have a water seeping in under the window ledge.

One more thing to add to my spring fix it list.

I had been watching the sump pump and worrying about a few other areas and instead the water is coming in at a unexpected place.. huh.. I have a feeling I will not be the only one that has a few huh moments this year.

We will need to cut chanels into the area to help drain the water away from window ideally, but it will be a bad job as there is not even room to be on your knees, maybe we can crawl in on our bellies and wiggle under to dig out a small narrow drainage channel till it melts down enough to be below the sill.

Only two more days before the spring road weight limits come on and soon enough I expect the country will have the closed road signs delivered and waiting to be set up when needed. I fully expect flooding out by the creek this year..  It will make my road so quiet for a bit and I look forward to taking some interseting flood photos as well..

Here is from our last big spring flood year!

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3 Responses to Snow pack and Cellar Windows

  1. mariazannini says:

    Heavy snow adds a whole other level of responsibility. Beautiful, but with hidden danger. It makes me admire you and your hubby all the more.

    I grew up in Chicago so I was used to cold and heavy snow, but I was glad to move somewhere warmer, especially now that I’m older.

    How many acres do you have?

    • Hi, the farm itself is small, just over 5 acres but then we have more in rented land for another 7 which is more then enough considering we do it all by hand or draft power. The farm is flat river loam and such, the extra is bush/creak runs though and edge land.

  2. I am always so happy to see spring come but I am also worried about flooding. I think we will be okay this year as the snow pack was only 88% of normal. Fingers crossed that April showers will only bring May flowers and not another crop of sandbags!

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