Master Rain Garden Course

What is a Master Rain Garden Course?

I am taking a six week Master Rain Garden Course and I am greatly looking forward to learning more each week, so far I have come away with pages of notes, a great respect for Zoom as a way to hold meetings and homework each week.

I had done a ton of research in regards to rain gardens with most of it being done in the states as it hard to find active information in regards to Canadian sources and certainly even harder to find it at the scale I wanted to work with.

The biggest thing so far is the difference in size and depth, the modern rain gardens are far more shallow (which allows for far different plants to be used in the planting of it) then what I was reading about

Now it would be very fair that the “rain garden to be” that was dug last fall by Farmer R and Dear Hubby while I was on a fishing boat in the middle of a lake on a much needed weekend away is WAY! to big..  even for when I redo the levels.

Its pretty much set up to be made into a small pond to be honest with the overspill leading to a area that is perfectly suited as a rain garden.

I could have it refilled and made into a series of rain gardens and that is something I am still mulling on.. once I am finished my classes, I must have my project designed, worked, planted and finished within six months to get my paperwork.

On the flip side, I am very excited to cut in mini swale lines though a problem pasture and have them lead to a properly done large shallow rain garden that collects and works to help refill out main house shallow well.

I am greatly enjoying many new little things in regards to working with these rain gardens!



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8 Responses to Master Rain Garden Course

  1. Sounds like it’s going to be a multiple solution project!: )

    • In so many ways, lots of work and so much time growing plant starts but this is climate change in action!

      • SURELY anyone who has lived through our winter this year, can see that change is happening – and not in any small or subtle way… ?!?

      • Yes and no.. Those that see it.. see it more.. those that are positive that its not happening are standing strong, its all happened before and will again, (never really seeming to grasp or understand that the worlds population were far smaller and that even then millions died during) and then there are those that grasp it but stand in the spot.. trying to figure out how to help..

        Those are the ones that I want to reach out to, with helpful hints and tips.. real things.. little things that help and add up.. every single does matter at this point.. Sure we all want the big and flashy! I doubt that I will every get or want to get that myself.. but slow an steady.. one foot in front, sharing knowledge.. ya.. that makes me smile.. that makes me find my joy as is the current “hot wording lol”

      • Layer upon layer upon layer of ice has totally altered how things have worked here for decades until now… Much thinking required on prevention in the future. Perhaps you and I could have a talk, at some point?

      • For sure, I was thinking of you when we got to the section that said, here at the tips to prevent ice buildup on sidewalks and driveways.. We are going into part two on that tomorrow’s class and I have some questions. lets chat and see if you add to my question load lol

      • Certainly hoping, but honestly not sure if we can do much about what these never-ending systems (from end January, on through February and into March) have moved in dropping ice pellets, followed by freezing rain, rain and then abruptly turning cold before changing back to snow and freezing the whole deposit into one solid mess…

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