Pruning Workshop March 9th by Fine Lines

Laura owner of Fine lines will be working with the farm’s owners and myself in regards to doing a morning Pruning Workshop on the Morning of March 9th in South Glengary.

Fruit Pruning Workshop March 9 (1)

If you are looking at timing, Google Green Valley, in south Glengary to get a close time, final address will be shared with those that have tickets 🙂 You must pre-buy your ticket and reserve your spot. Limited Spots available.

If you have look other years at the workshops on the other side of Ottawa, but you live out the south way.. now is the time to get to this workshop!

The Host farm has older apple and fruit tree’s, younger tree’s fruiting bushes, Fruiting Canes and Grape vines.. there will be lots of hand’s on examples.  The goal is to learn how to prune your trees for health, growth but ideally to increase your fruit production!

Laura will do a combined workshop of education and hands on training from 8:30 till 11:30 am.  There will be a place to warm up if required, but please dress for the weather. This is hand’s on outside workshop!

Fine Lines gave us a 5 dollar discount over her normal price per person

..  Ready to say YES!

Register HERE! for the workshop!

As a added bonus to make this day great, if you want to do so.. after the workshop, Farmgal and Dear Hubby will be heading to a local place for lunch out.. come from the workshop, talk garden, talk about the workshop, have a visit..

Farmgal Bonus: For everyone that comes to the event and the lunch, I will bring you a gift package of home grown and saved seed from our farm 🙂 for your garden in 2019.

Look forward to hearing from you and seeing you there!

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2 Responses to Pruning Workshop March 9th by Fine Lines

  1. Cate Mawson says:

    Sounds very helpful and useful. See you March 9

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