Happy Valentines Day!

This is Dear Hubbies and I 20th’s valentine’s day! Its been a lot of fun and some amazing memories over the years.. There have been poems, songs, meals in and meals out.. creative homemade gifts..

Today, we gave each other our little gifts, we had gotten each other the cutest little stuffy.. They are not very big, but they are just adorable and I know that all the little ones that visit will be thrilled that there are new ones to play with.

Hubby is back at work today and I am looking forward to having a catch up day, as well as shoveling out some more snow LOL

I have pulled out some stew meat and plan on making a lovely stew for our supper tonight 🙂  IF the weather lets us, we have plans on the weekend for our official “valentine” date.. more on that later if it happens.

I would like to wish you all a wonderful Valentines Day! Please Remember its about saying I love you, and about spending time together.. not about how much you spend or buy that matters..

Looking for a few idea’s that will not cost money so much as it does time?

Write a love letter or put up cute post it notes

Write a short poem

Put on her favorite song and sing it to her!

Put on her favorite dance song and Dance her around the kitchen

Share a long hug

Send a note during the day, be it a text or a email or a phone message..  Nothing crazy.. just I was thinking of you and I wish we were together.

Bake a little something (if you bake) Everyone has a favorite treat

Do you draw? if so.. make a fun little card

Take a walk together

Take a fun photo together

Have a great day Folks!

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1 Response to Happy Valentines Day!

  1. Marla says:

    HI Valeria,
    I love some of your idea especially post it notes, write a poem or a song and sing it. Happy Valentines Day to you..

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