Drifting Down, Drifting sideways, more Snow.

I am watching the snow coming down, we got 13 to 14 inches of the white stuff overnight Tuesday and its now coming down in the big fat fluffy Christmas snow out there.

Like someone shook up a snow globe and we are right in the middle of it 🙂 The birds enjoyed there last bits of freedom before they were pushed inside and placed into lock down.  This boy had his comb have some damage last year.. but this year no issues at all.. I find those Icelandic Chicken Land Race J line have added in some good hardy genes to the mixed flock.

The whole area is shut down, everyone that could was told to stay home and work from home, I am beyond thankful that Hubby’s boss sent a note out and said.. stay home.. work from home.. Granted the system to sign on was so busy that it crashed for most of the day but he had was able to check in a few times and had work to do.

The rest of the day was spent moving snow from one area to another lol.. and looking after the farm critters.  The wind was brutal and we have yet again more damage to the metal roof on the big barn and we had some lifting on the side porch.. the side porch we can get up and fix on our own.. the Big Barn.. I have to wait until we can hire someone.. sigh!

It was the first day for both hubby and myself that we did not need naps, rests yes but not naps since the flu hit the house nine days ago for me, and a week for hubby..

However to be honest, I went to bed at just at 7pm and crashed hard.. down.. out.. well until 3:30 am and then I was .. I am awake! I snuck out of bed and started my day while hubby slept on till the 4:30 am alarm went off.. then hounds came thundering up, with wagging tails and farm cats purrs started up and hay was hauled and feed out to waiting pasture critters.

Its still black dark out but its calm and the head lamps work well, giving us two free hands and firmly keeping our geek cards stamped lol.

I meant to get this post up on weds but I didn’t get it finished.. So be it.. still snowing for the next 24 to 36 hours they say but slowly warming up temp wise.



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4 Responses to Drifting Down, Drifting sideways, more Snow.

  1. Silveryew says:

    Stay warm! And thank goodness your husband could stay at home and work from there rather than having to go out ^_^

    • They shut down the schools, the main offices of most things and the said..no travel unless truly required, they do not do that often but when they do.. most of the business’s at least ty and let most folks stay home.. I am so glad he was not on the roads. I know many folks could not even get out of their own lane ways or road ways.

      Today is a new day 🙂

  2. The snow finally found us here in BC. We have had lots of the white stuff. It does make the world seem so clean and peaceful – that is until you have to plow the driveway.

  3. Aye, it’s The Storm that just keeps on giving, isn’t it? :/ Take care

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